Luis Buchinho’s African seams

Luis Buchinho showed his Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Paris yesterday at the famed Lycée Henri IV in Just north of Paris’ Latin quarter at the top of the Mont Sainte Geneviève. The soft colors of the library setting and the terracotta tile flooring blended harmoniously with the palette chosen by Buchino for his collection. Inspired by a soft African landscape each piece plays with texture, movement and asymmetry. Organic materials (washed silks, cotton tweeds, smooth and soft leathers), that feel good on the skin flowed easily, models sashayed down the runway in feminine heels occasionally tufted with fur.

Luis Buchinho S/S2011 Paris

Especially interesting were the mélanges of fabrics used in some pieces, the use of lights and darks, and the soft folds that were hung asymmetrically and gives a freedom to the female body that traditional waist-cinching styles don’t do, yet the femininity remains intact in this very wearable collection.

Next spring certainly has a warm desert feel.

Luis Buchino S/S2011 Paris

Luis Buchinho S/S2011 Paris

Luis Buchinho S/S2011 Paris


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