Sew what

I love this little tea shop / fashion café – café couture / sewing station … As hard as it is to define this place, there is one thing that you definitely go there to do : sew! You ca rent a machine for 6€ an hour, buy vintage patters, sit have a coffee or tea with cookies and knit, chat, learn, create…

Started by An Austrian fashion designer and a Swiss artiste de maquillage, who came to Paris and noticed a need for a place such as this. Kind of like the internet-café concept, only instead of computer stations there are sewing machines! The Sweat Shop, in the 10th arrondissement.


It’s a lively place where conversation strikes up easily between strangers and where there’s always someone around to help you when the thread gets stuck in the machine you are using.

Fashion is personal again, because…you make it, or modify it. You have the ability to use your bare hands to create something, and that holds more satisfaction than any store purchase.



While I was in there the other day, a woman who had successfully finished a lovely computer bag made out of a pretty cream canvas fabric with big lipstick-red flowers on it, was so happy and proud of her creation that she showed it to anyone who would lift their head up from their stitching to look. I was quite impressed, for I was working on my first item ever and it was not coming out very well, but then I learn better by making mistakes. But it’s just goes to show, how much more satisfying it is to make your own computer bag, than it is to buy one…besides who sells cream and lipstick-red flowered computer bags? Gotta make it yourself!



You can attend a couture class in order to perfect your technique or take a beginners class to start from stitch one.



5 thoughts on “Sew what

  1. Oh this sounds scrumptious ! The next time I am in paris we must go. What sort of creation are you working on ? 🙂 love the photos

  2. Wow! I’m so shocked to see something so cool in Paris! I can’t wait to check it out sometime. I’ve been missing my sewing machine that is still in the US for several years now and just never thought I should invest in another. This could be just what I need to work out some of my ideas first.

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