Pin-Ups with talent

Des pin-ups avec du talent


Marcella Puppini, Kate Mullins, and Stephanie O’Brien are the Puppini Sisters. These three bombshells light up the stage and heat up the room with their ultra-sexy–tongue-in-cheek-super-sultry-voiced performances. These ladies  know how to put on a show!


Marcella Puppini an Italian born musician with a sense of humor, was studying fashion in London as well as getting a degree at the Trinity College of Music, where she met Kate and Stephanie. The trio drew upon their inspiration in such groups as the Andrew sisters, and formed their own retro-ravishing group.

I was thrilled to see them on stage in Paris this past Thursday (Dec. 16th 2010) at the Café de la Danse near Bastille in Paris, through the excited insistence of a good friend (who knows exactly what kind of shows I like!). What fun to discover this group, that has been around since 2003, and boasts the crème de la crème in terms of fans (hmmhmm : Prince William, Kelly Osborne, Vivienne Westwood, Kate moss…).


They perform and record what Americans would refer to as “oldies” with a fun sexy twist, and they do re-makes of modern pop and rock tunes to brush them up with a completely different sound…and it works!

On stage they are hot, energetic and hilarious, seeming très at ease interacting with their audience, pointing out their mishaps (costume problems ans what-have-you)….they are born performers.

You can buy their CDs, download songs, even ringtones….and, when they come to your town, don’t miss their show!!! You won’t be disappointed!

The Puppini Sisters


Stephanie O'Brien


Marcella Puppini


Kate Mullins



The Puppini Sisters


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