DEVASTEE – Paris fashion week AW1112

… Devastée…rock and rebel as they like it. The style of the brand reminds me of Avril Lavigne (who was actually recently in Paris and visiting the Catacombes de Paris – are you surprised!?!) Not the kind of garb I would wear, but it does have an audience I suppose (teens with angst?).  Smoky blacks, pale-skin whites, bone-clay jewelry, a grungy-goth look for your darker days I suppose.

For next Fall and Winter, they propose knits, tunic dresses in flowing chiffons and silks, silver mixed in with the black and white, Asian style flat shoes, tweed wools paired with black and white prints, chiffon blouses and LOTS of dark eye makeup! They give a wink to art with a Jaconde-knit sweater. (If Da Vinci’s work has made it into fashion, does that make la Jaconde pop art now?)

Those items I liked in the show were the gray wool vest, the long white tunic dress and a silvery-white embroidered belted coat.

Paris Fashion March 2011, Fall-Winter collections for 2011-2012



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