Boudoir fashion – Zuhair Murad زهير مراد‎ #PFW

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Set in a swanky hôtel particulier in the très chic 8th arrondissement, the Zuhair Murad presentation felt more like an opulent cocktail party than a fashion presentation. Ladies in fur coats sipping champagne rubbing elbow with the photographers and the designer himself, while about 15 models models worked a lighted circuit around the room. White-gloved service floated around offering bubbly and petit fours, in a room with lounge chairs for guests overlooking a luscious garden (in the middle of Paris, yes) and a second salon for viewing…


A white screen at one end and various chairs and seating arrangements were set up on the circumference of the room, where the models would sit for about one minute and then move over to the next chair, and would one by one pass in front of the white screen so that the photographers could get some great studio shot pictures of the clothing. As far as presentations go, this is the best idea I have seen yet.

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As for the designer, زهير مراد‎ , a Lebanese based artist (the Lebanese designers seem to be flocking to Paris fashion weeks these days), he certainly knows how to turn a woman into a goddess. He focuses on glamorous designs, haute couture, lavish creations and his work is pure luxury. With a boutique in Beirut, one in Paris and a showroom in Milan, and a list of Hollywood socialites and stars who wear his creations he’s fast become a red-carpet household name. It’s hard not to notice such extraordinary dresses that are fit for princesses.

The collection : ballet pinks and blacks with lace and chiffon and light airy creations, glamorous and stunning, with attention to the textures of fabrics, how the light plays on them, as well as deep plunging neck-lines and back-lines, long gowns and mini dresses that reveal almost the entire leg, lace that suggests not-so-discreetly the skin beneath… all with a silhouette that brings us back to what real stars used to look like, the Marylins, the Elizabeths, the Grace Kellys who had bodies worth dressing up. Enough with the waify baggy look, and more of this real lady look!


Model : Kelsey Close


Model : Kelsey Close


Model : Kelsey Close


Model : Kelsey Close















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