I heart Paris at the Curio Parlor

16 rue des Bernardins 75005

Kim Laidlaw Audrey of I Heart Paris, did her little DJ thing at the Curio Parlor tuesday June 14th 2011, with a small mob of her fans and friends. The motley crew of bloggers, Parisians, expats and socialites, sipped cocktails in the sweaty “sous-sol” of the bar while swinging their hips to 90’s pop music.


The bar is cozy, and a sort of hide-away place for a select crowd that dabbles in fashion, movies and generally just being bobo-fabulous.

  • Mal-Aimé gave a launch party for their fashion brand last October.
  • More recently Parisian Gentleman threw a bash there that attracted twice the capacity of the club!
  • The founders of the très bobo blog Les Archivistes celebrated their 1 year anniversary there in April
  • Frenchie singer Alizée has been spotted behind the DJ table
  • Last June En Mode Fashion invited itself to have a blast there too.

It’s the “it” place to have your soirée these days. Check out the site and calendar blog of the artistic director of the Curio Parlor : http://www.buvezmadison.com/

Personally I lOVE the 1920’s-1930’s inspired “smoking-club” décor style, and the exposed stone in the upstairs (ground level) bar, and the goregous nostalgia bar that is set up in the “cave” (that’s french for celler). A lot of bars in Paris have cellers where you can party, it keeps the noise out of the the neighbors eardrums and let’s the oiseaux de la nuit party as late as they please!


Among guests at the I Heart Paris soirée there was…



celeb journalist Rebecca Leffler & moi


Forest C. of 52 martinis and Shannon V. of Je Ne Sais Quoi


Lindsey of Lola's Cookies (left), Nikki (center), Jenny of Jennyphoria (right)


Kim Laidlaw Adray (right)


Rebecca Leffler, Joy Melki, Laëticia Cérou

Adam R. of Invisible Paris (left), Anne D. of Prête à Voyager (center), Sion D. of Paris Imperfect (2nd from right)


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