Bubbly at the Crillon



I had a lovely afternoon with my friend Milla the other day, garnished with champagne at the Crillon hotel lounge, one of Paris’ luxury palace hotels. I love going there for a treat, since I’m certainly not going to be booking a room there! But I can’t see how those gorgeous salons full of plush décor should be used by tourists and hotel guests only!
So off we went to enjoy a taste of the finer things in life, in an effort to balance the contrast of the dirty metro rides and the pile of ironing that glares at me from the corner. Let’s play luxury for an afternoon!


They have a charming summer garden in the courtyard, complete with astro-turf that although it isn’t real grass, it feels lovely to have something other than pavement under your feet.



They have a nice selection of apéritif drinks and champagne cocktails, but we went for straight up champagne. Served with an assortment of nuts and olives, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the setting and a divine distraction from normal every day life!


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