Thimister SS2012 #PFW

The Thimister fashion show for the Spring and Summer 2012 collection was held in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris in the garage on rue de Turenne, where I saw Manish Arora last season (but still have not posted that article… le sigh…)

The invite for this show was intriguing to say the least, instructing us to all attend the défilé with clean hair and the picture of an elderly man with an 18th century wig on. Okaaaay…. It made me wonder what on EARTH they were going to do with our heads?!? Fortunately we were spared inspection and only the models had nylon covered heads, as if they walked the catwalk minus a wig. I am still slightly confused.

But I did enjoy the collection and the music, the atmosphere. A little bit of theatrics is always welcome!




…. Natural fibers, colors and raw styled garments ruled the Thimister Spring-Summer 2012 collection. Some of the models looked like they walked right out of a Japanese inspired story from several centuries ago. I especially like the wide cinched belts with straps and buckles (Please let the ciched waist stay in style, please!) as well as the simple lines and materials that seem to catch the movement of the walking models, and float upon it like feathers in the wind.

P1110323 P1110327 P1110331 P1110332 P1110336 P1110341

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