Pause Paris

There is the ‘pause café’…  ‘pause clope’ … ‘pause sanwich’ … ‘pause pipi’ … and perhaps a myriad of other reasons to take a small break ‘pause’ that the French have turned into a miniature event during the day, or almost.

In addition to all of these little breaks and pauses, I would like to instigate the ‘pause Paris’. A small moment where we stop and marvel at this incredibly beautiful city in which we live. This could be done daily, or even several times a day!

These small moments happen to me randomly, and sometimes I have my camera handy, and try to document them. These little pauses leave me feeling lucky, as lucky as I did on the day I landed here. This city has a way of causing me to catch my breath and say “wow”…

Here are a few of those efforts that I have managed to capture :






9 thoughts on “Pause Paris

  1. Beautiful post, Melissa! I’m glad I checked back after all this time… Paris is truly one of the loveliest things that has happened to me. Thanks for all your help while I was there (spr ’09), and for your entertaining blog!

  2. I second Sweet’s comment. I’m only gone for 2 weeks and your pics just took me back. Such wonderful feelings. Thank you for the lovely post!

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