Le Village: a little café with big personality

We were drawn in by the fun things we noticed in the windows as we were leaving the marché Saint Martin…we went in to see more, stayed for a bite to eat and left completely charmed!

Eric Cormier, owns and runs this cheery deli and épicerie fine, and puts as much enthusiasm and energy into the place as you can imagine. He strikes up a conversation with everybody who walks in the door, treats you like friends and has a joke or a chuckle to punctuate every phrase. Even with all the cute and colorful décor, it is certainly monsieur Cormier who gives this place its irresistible fun and delightful atmosphere!

Monsieur Cormier’s first restaurant is L’Encrier, a well known place in the Bastille area where people gather with friends and strike up conversations with strangers. It’s a place for neighborly friendliness as is his new place Le Village.

Brandade de Morue


Le Village : A mélange of French and Anglo/American products and menu choices, this place is certainly a great meeting spot of the two cultures, and worth a visit from any respectable Parisian and every vacationing visitor! Go there for the fun and tasty bites and stay for the cheerful ambiance.

25 rue Bouchardon 75010, Paris


2 thoughts on “Le Village: a little café with big personality

  1. Happy to find your blog today. I”m headed to Paris on the 20th so I have this place on my list now. Merci! H ope you’ll stop by my Paris photoblog sometime in the new year!

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