Clarisse Hieraix #AW1213

Refinement, luxury, discretion…these are the first terms that come to mind to describe Clarisse’s work.

Born in Guadeloupe and educated in Paris this young designer has immense sense of couture and cut, style and design, as well as a strong personality behind her line. Her line’s luxury is understated and elegant, yet when inspected in detail her talent is striking and is far from simple.

Her long sweeping or voluminous gowns are tell-tale of her talents for bridal wear…which I hope to show you later on this year when she holds her wedding gown show. But she also has a deft pair of scissors when it comes to the modern woman’s wardrobe. Her pantsuits for Fall are simply beautiful with crisp lines and accented waistlines, all covered by stylish capes for outerwear.


Her sense of luxury is innate, and her creative capacity allows her to create a collection for each season, each one following a the thread of a theme.

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