Italian restaurant Il Sorrentino

A recent evening was spent at the Italian restaurant Il Sorrentino.

4 rue de Montessuy 75007, Paris

Fresh and authentic cuisine (complete with service in an Italian accent), served at this addrese in a prestigious Parisian neighborhood, you are greeted just outside the door by a sparkling tower (the Eiffel).


Inside the restaurant is small and fills quickly, so reserve!

I watched our neighbors receive their first plate which was a pasta dish that was prepared right before our eyes in a giant cheese wheel that has been gutted. the spaghetti was twirled around at the bottom of this “bowl” with hot cream to melt the cheese and allow it to incorporate with the pasta. I almost had a lactose intolerant heart attack of envy right there in my seat!

But I survived to eat my own delicious meal which started with prosecco, then moved onto deep fried and light-as-a-feather calamari with zucchini, and for the main dish pan fried San Pietro fish flaky and cooked to perfection served with a pistachio-arugula pesto sauce.P1130491

We washed our meal down with a white Sicilian wine. And my dinner dates all happily ate their plates as we chatted over wedding planning and other current events in our lives.

P1130490Chéri had beef carpaccio with arugula and parmesan to start with the slices of beef delightfully being held in shape by mini clothespins, and a seafood risotto for his main dish. But I think he most enjoyed his dessert : white chocolate mood with raspberries. I braved my lactose intense intolerance for a teeny tiny taste. So, so so so good…P1130495

Across the table I envied the smoked and baked cheese with spicy olives that was being delectably being devoured… This restaurant made me quite nostalgic for cheese to say the least!






One dish that is also served with a spectacular flare is the Bar fish baked inside a salt crust. They must use at least a kilo of coarse-grain salt. It covers completely the entire fish which is baked as it was caught, whole. they wheel the giant thing out on a platter and then pound at the stiffened crust with a little hammer to break it off.The fish is cut, flayed and served before your eyes.

See their menu on their website.

Buon appetito!


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