A little perfume giveaway

So I blogged about a recent perfume launch by Andy Tauer at the Marie Antoinette boutique, and promised a little giveaway…

Well, here it is!

Want to know what this very artisanal, very inspired perfume smells like??? FOUR of you lovely readers will get a sample of the Miriam perfume that was presented at the perfume launch, in a package designed by Andy tauer with a CD of the trailer for the Brian Pera movie Women’s Pictures, and an explanation on lovely printed calc paper.

Just a little something small for free!

How to enter?

1. Follow Andy Tauer on TWITTER.

2. Like Marie Antoinette’s FACEBOOK page

3. Comment HERE with your twitter handle and Facebook name, and what floral scents are your favorite!

4. Be social about it! Post this to your twitter or facebook : “I just entered little perfume giveaway http://t.co/wj0REAG3 by @PreteMoiParis”

The contest end on May 1st at noon, Paris time.

Voilà! Bonne chance!

Andy Tauer -Miriam, Boutique Marie Antoinette Paris

18 thoughts on “A little perfume giveaway

  1. I’m a guy. I don’t know what floral scents are. Is musk on? I like musk. And sometimes citrony ones. And woody. But wood isn’t a flower, I’m ready to concur with you on that one, sorry.

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