Paris Wedding Wednesday : Bon Bon Pops

Ok so in my never-ending search for fun ideas for garnishing the wedding bon-bon bar, I discovered this super easy, très pas cher (very inexpensive) idea at a block party I went to recently. I find this to be the perfect solution to my need for candy on a stick. I have been searching for those swirl lollipops that are so popular these days, but I am not too keen on spending a small fortune on something that I am not even sure the mostly French guests will actually eat! But Haribo…They seem to love it!

What you need :

-wooden skewers


-soft candies (I used the Haribo brand that is so popular in France) with a mix of flavors and colors.

-a vase or jar for display

I brought these to someone’s house for an election night party, and they were quite the hit. They took me all of 5 minutes to create. I think this is a win! And certainly a must for my wedding bon-bon bar!


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