Life is a Circus, Love is Forever!

My first day as Madame Chéri, has been full of joy and love and pure bliss…

The festivities of the wedding are still swirling around in my happy head, and I am so moved by all of the love and support that poured out of the people who came to help us celebrate our union. I cannot thank you all enough.

Our friends (and my amazing father) who all pitched in to take all those circus decorations that I have been working on for a year, and set up the reception hall, went above and beyond what I would have asked of them. They made the room overflow with magic!

And the evening overflowed with happiness. Thank you to evveryone who took time out of their lives to celebrate with us; thank you to all of those who sent us messages by phone and email, twitter, facebook, identica (that’s for the geek friends LOL!), and by snail mail! We appreciated every last wish and word. Merci!!!!

Chéri, I am so glad I am yours forever and ever…


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