100 years of French lingerie



The Espace Pierre Cardin is holding a FREE exposition on French lingerie. It’s a small space and a limited collection, but a charming and innocent thing to do while in Paris this month.

Aside from the three rows of exposed undergarments ranging from the late 19th century until 2011, there are videos playing of ads seens over the decades (and centuries as the also show images of ads from yesteryear) and a fun playful video of lingerie from different eras. Another screen was showing the making of lingerie and all the intricate elements and gestures needed to create the quality that is associated with brands like Chantelle and Aubade.


The place may have been lacking in information. It would have been nice to have a more in depth explanation of the evolution of lingerie and how it pertains to the liberation of women in the French society. But I did see a small group getting a guided explanation from a young expert, so call ahead and ask if you can reserve a guide.
Until July 26, 2012.
1-3 avenue Gabriel, 75008, metro Concorde.

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