Paris Carnival : Photo shoot with Keith Pitts

So this is not a bridal shoot, I promise! 😉
But it is a fun and frivolous shoot that Chéri and I did just shortly after our wedding.

One of the blogs I follow, French Wedding Style run by Monique was having a giveaway contest some months back, that I entered. I have to be honest, I had almost forgotten about it when suddenly I recieved an email telling me that I was one of the winners! I scheduled a day in July to do the photo shoot with the photographer Keith Pitts, and decided it would be fun to continue the carnival/circus theme we had for our June wedding.

We met Keith at the merry-go-round just below Trocadero where we had done some of our wedding photos, and it was quite fun to see the differences between the two photographers at the same spot. Keith was a super easy-going guy, totally uncomplicated and easy to talk to. He and Chéri engaged in conversation about everything from Paris to travel to Arizona where Keith is From.

Keith Pitts Photography

It was nice to have someone with whom we felt so comfortable, as we were sticking out quite a bit among the tourist dressed crowd as we walked around the streets of Paris posing for Keith’s camera(s) Chéri in a suite and tie, Me in a long black gown and a top hat being passed between the two of us! But after only a few minutes we didn’t feel at all odd, even as passers-by did oggle us, wondering who we were and what we were doing. It was fun, and intriguing to feel like such a contrast at times to the place where we were posing (such as the metro) or to feel like we were playing a role (in front of the Eiffel tower merry-go-round or in the Tuilleries carnival.

Keith Pitts Photography

Photo : Keith Pitts Photography llc

Keith Pitts travels every summer somewhere interesting with his family, so that his kids can learn to look at the world in a broader sense, and it also gives him an outlet for travel and photography, although travel is not out of the question throughout the rest of the year either. Keith does travel to anywhere in the world a client may want to hire him for a photoshoot, so if you are getting married in Bali for example, don’t be dissapointed… Or find out if he’s traveling next summer to your part of the world and hire him for a fun photo shoot like ours!

Keith Pitts Photography

Keith Pitts Photography

Keith Pitts Photography

Keith Pitts Photography

Keith Pitts photography llc

Keith Pitts Photography

Keith Pitts Photography

4 thoughts on “Paris Carnival : Photo shoot with Keith Pitts

  1. Wow the photos are gorgeous! It was a great prize to win!
    Definitely the first photo is my favorite, you make such a beautiful couple!

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