Peachoo + Krejberg SS13 Paris Fashion Week

Black and white. Striking. Stark. Contrasted. Macabre. Dark. Light. Hard. Soft. Asymmetrical. Constructed. Deconstructed.

Fashion for the with a modern twist, with a hint of thinking outside of the box while at the same time using the trends of the times and an edge of daring.

Peachoo + Krejberg created a Spring-Summer collection that is lightweight and flowing, non constricting and comfortable without taking anything away from the female figure or the aesthetics of their pieces. Their cut, embroidery, decal and lace work or the beading are eye-catching, and invite the senses in to look, feel, touch.The use of prints makes the collection très mode without pushing into the over-commercialized trends. A leather skeleton vest over a white lace dress stands out above the rest for it’s intrigue and daring.

The eye-wear was strange and intriguing, but I am not sure how practical they are for real life…An excellent piece for bal masqué perhaps…

Peachoo Krejberg from Lauren Cashwell on Vimeo.

Peachoo + Krejberg SS13
Photo : Lauren Cashwell

Peachoo + Krejberg SS13
Photo : Lauren Cashwell


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