Fashion Brunch in Paris

Brunching is THE thing to do in Paris. Make your brunch experience even trendier if you head to the Fashion Brunch IN’a City. For it’s second year in a row, the Fashion Brunch concept createtd by Tiyi of  is hosting weekend events this winter where you can get a fabulous New York style brunch for 25€ with sweet and savory dishes accompanied with breakfast drinks. You get to go back for seconds, and if you go for the brunch the 2€ entry fee is reimbursed to you.

This new edition will be held at the Café A in the Masion de L’Architecture right next to the Gare de l’Est in the 10th. A fabulous open space in this historic building will host the brunch restaurant and a giant room next door is where all the fashion and fun will try to contain itself!

Prete Moi Paris

The dates as of now are as follows : Nov 10/11th 2012; Dec. 8/9th 2012; Jan 12/13th 2013, and brunch is served on both days from 11:30am to 7:30pm. Stay all day and browse the vintage clothes, or get your nails done, groove to the DJ set, check out the awesome accessories from all of the créateurs, meet people, make contacts, share ideas… ENJOY!

Some of the stands include :

Prete Moi Paris

Lucine Vintage

Prete Moi Paris

Origami Gems

Saucisse Intrinseque

Candora, parfums

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