Home Made Chocolat Chaud


I love hot chocolate. Sadly I am unable to go out and have it in Paris, as it is always, ALWAYS made with milk. And although lactose intolerance has finally reached the shelves of the local super markets, it has not and probably will never reach the café tables and counter of the many charming Salons de thé. And that is ok, since I have a living room decorated like a vintage café, and I can make my own chocolat chaud at home!

Here’s my recipe :

1 liter of rice milk (or oat milk, or coconut milk, or almond milk…)

2 tablettes of 70% dark chocolate (I got mine from Jadis & Gourmand)

2 pots, one preferably in copper.

Break up the chocolate into small pieces and put them into the copper pot.

Pour the liter of vegetable milk into another pot and put it over low heat and cover.


Turn on the heat under the copper pot and leave it on low. Use a wooden spoon and stir constantly the slowly melting chocolate. Never stop stirring! This is to keep the chocolate on the bottom from burning. It if burns it becomes crumbly and your hot chocolate will not be smooth.

IMAG0387 IMAG0389

You can remove the chocolate pot away from the heat periodically if it is heating faster than the milk. You want the milk to boil.

Once it is boiling, you pour it over the completely melted chocolate, and continue stirring, CONSTANTLY until all of the chocolate has disolved into the milk.

IMAG0393 IMAG0398

Remove from heat, pour, and enjoy!

IMAG0407 IMAG0409

17 thoughts on “Home Made Chocolat Chaud

    • Well the cocoa powder often also has milk derivitives in it, so I use the dark 70% chocolate. But I do like the chocolate better I think than powder. Your V-day chocloate jar though only works because of the powder! ( poshlittledesigns.com/2012/02/01/love-in-a-jar-red-velvet-hot-cocoa-mix/ )

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