Chéri je t’aime ♥

It’s Valentine’s day…  ♥

Ever since leaving the United States, I stopped making it a big deal. I didn’t boycott it though, even in my years as a single girl. That would be too drastic.

But Valentine’s day has never been a huge commercialized event in France. Well, until now. Most of the shop windows are sprouting V-day décor, and everyone and their brother is offering a Valentine’s day special. The Hallmark holidays are here to stay I think in France. They have seen what great commercial profit that can be.

Chéri and I have always done a little something…be it a dinner out together, or a dinner in together, or a little gift… But nothing too extravagant. And I just can’t go back to buying into too much of that over-commercialized-almost-forced declaration of love. I prefer to tell him EVERY day…

This week we have so many things planned every evening, we thought we should probably spend valentine’s at home. Which is fine with me. I am not the kind of girl who expects expensive gifts, jewelry or incredible splurges out on the town (although those are certainly nice when they happen!). And besides I would like to have a fun surprise like that on a random day in the year when I least expect it. Because more than the gift, I prefer the surprise! So in my opinion, for events like Valentine’s day simplicity is always a good idea.

And so may I simply say… Chéri, je t’aime. Tous les jours!



One thought on “Chéri je t’aime ♥

  1. Tous les jours – lapsing into Yoda-speak now – Agree with you, I do! – (Star Wars fan forever). Love you blog. Hope to visit Paris again…soon. Sooner the better!

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