Oscar Carvallo SS2013 Couture Collection

Sea themed.

Oscar Carvallo returned to the inspiration of his home by the sea, which he said inspires all of his work really. He worked metallics and lace, shimmering ladies of the sea waltzed on assured sea-legs down the catwalk at the Shangri-la luxury hotel ballroom.

(See a video of the show by Lauren Cashwell below)

Lacey elements that seem inspired by coral sea life and sea-foam.



Some of the pieces even have direct and obvious references to the sea (silver fish appliqués), next to more subtle details (inter-laying of different fabrics to give the effect of gills perhaps).

More coral inspirations on the shoulder straps, fish scales on the bodice and a flowing chiffon skirt… she is an angel, or a fish…. or better… and angelfish!


I loved the headpieces that worked as a hybrid between headband and earrings with metalized mussel shell shapes.


This white look and head piece make me think of a sea urchin. The prettiest one I have ever seen!




This collection is full of creative ideas and shows magical inspiration that pushes the limits just enough so we are still bedazzled by the beauty yet intrigued by the slightly strange details. I hope Carvallo plans to show his work in Paris more often. I am totally enthralled! Plus I got get get a bise from the dashing creator and a photo op at the post show cocktail. Oh my!


See all of my images from the show on flickr.

Oscar Carvallo SS/13 from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.

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