Oscar Carvallo Couture Autumn 2013

So the prêt-à-porter fashion week is looming up over us at this very moment… but before I launch into it, I absolutely must show you the Oscar Carvallo A/W 2013 couture collection that happened in July. It’s magical!

Last season he did a deep sea creature theme… this season he has taken to the skies with the eagles, details seen in eagle feet, feathers and silk prints with birds in flight. And how so very fitting this theme, since he has been launched into such lofty heights, his talent is being acclaimed all over the world of fashion media. This applauded designer spread his creative wings wide…

I love the strange twist of birds’ feet used in his design. It’s odd, it’s different, and original. The whole collection is a fantastic mélange of exquisite fabrics and textures : lace, beadings, satin silk, embroidery, pearls, not to mention feathers.




I was thrilled to interview him after the show for my fashion week buddy and photographer friend Ko Kok. Mr Carvallo is a rather approachable designer, and appears at his own after parties, willing to take a picture with anyone who dares ask. He’s very suave and has an intense regard, making you feel like the center of his universe for the one moment he is speaking with you. I like that in an artist. It makes them seem less detached from all of us non-couture-wearing folk.


This collection was as thrilling as his last… I cannot wait to see what the future brings for Carvallo’s designs!

Photo by Ko Kok

Oscar and I : Photo by Ko Kok

Photo by Ko Kok

Post show goof off session with the Photographers! : Photo by Ko Kok

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