Parks, Parrot Heads and Painted ceilings

Paris is an eclectic city sometimes. I am often amazed at the diversity of things and people and events I see here, and how varied they are in my own life.


One day I am wandering a brand new park in the 17th watching teenagers practice their skateboard and rollerblade moves on the new installation…

And then a handful of days later I am jumping up and down with a shark hat on at a Jimmy Buffett concert at Le Trabendo, a delightfully small (and hot) concert hall where you get up close and practically personal with the artists on stage… Um… I got my Hermès gavroche signed by Buffett while I was pressed up against the gate at the front of the stage. Yeah. Happy doesn’t begin to describe what I felt after that evening of fun!




And then a week or so later I find myself on the arm of Chéri, strutting around with a slew of geeks at the Open World Forum cocktail at the uber swanky reception hall at the Mairie de Paris… Complete with painted ceilings and chandeliers…




Paris can offer up such a interesting, full and diverse life… I am so lucky to live here.


3 thoughts on “Parks, Parrot Heads and Painted ceilings

  1. These photos really illustrate Parisian diversity. LOVE JImmy Buffet! And small venues where you can really get a connection to performers. Thanks for all 🙂

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