Bar Le Bloc

image It’s one of the trendiest bars/cafés in the Batignolles quarter of Paris. Why? Cause the cool people go there, and they aren’t afraid to bring a kid or two! That’s how they roll in 75017. Mmm hmm. :-p

No but really, this neighborhood is full of young couples or young couples with kids, and they are trendy, busy, chill, chic but not too chic, and completely connected. So if you live in this ‘hood you must make an appearance at this address, preferably with a slew of hip friends, a Zadig & Voltaire hand bag, and Viktor & Rolf threads. (Do we still say threads? Is that hip??). LOL!


Chéri stopped by for a drink one day in late Indian Summer September, looking very busy on our phones for good measure. I think we fit in….


This place has all the requirements of what’s trendy in Paris these days, a great terrace, young charming and hip waiters, wifi and a place to hog computer space, hamburgers on the menu, industrial chic decorum, and a fantastic location. It’s right on a big street corner, and the giant bay windows give you a view of the entire intersection.


got everything a blogger can dream of for those long, busy-on-the-computer marathon days, and at least I’ll feel like I’ve interacted with the outside world. Plus it’s just around the corner from me!





3 thoughts on “Bar Le Bloc

  1. I always want to like this place more than I do… their coffee is awful which is always such a downer. But I love the interior and that corner!!

    • I haven’t tasted their coffee Anna. But if I go there it would be for drinks and food. Coffee I tend to reserve for Starbucks (because it’s one of the rare places to get soy cappuccinos in Paris) or places like Coutume or Kooka Boora…

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