Nayenka beauty salon

image I was invited at the end of October to this lovely beauty salon in the center of Paris. They were having an evening event in support of breast cancer awareness. I’m not sure how they were supporting breast cancer awareness other than putting up graphics by American artist, but it was a nice way to get people to cone in and discover their salon.


They feature nail art manicures, and also offer hair and skin care tailored to African complexions and textures. It’s nice to see a chic and trendy salon who offers all their services for all types of women.



And they are heavy into the “bio” and small brand/hand-made products. So you KNOW that’s right up my alley!


The evening was sweetend with petit fours and Berties Cupcakes. It doesn’t get any daintier than that!


imageThey also feature local artists’ jewelry and hair accessories, (some of it looked good enough to almost eat!).




They are a group of warm and welcoming ladies that run the salon, and were kind and open at the soirée. They sent me home with a little gift bag to pretty myself up. Essie nail products and Iman lip color that is vavavoom!




9 rue de Turbigo 75001



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