Pretty Paris – Crisp December

Iron CurlMy dear readers, I hope those of you who celebrate, had a lovely Christmas…


It has been a while since I published some of my snapshots of my wanderings around Paris. In fact it has been a while since I wandered around with my camera. Time (that elusive fellow) seems so fleeting these days. Maybe it’s the fall of night so early in the evening, or maybe it’s just the fatigue from working hard, but I was thrilled to finally grab my Panasonic on the way out the door to do a few lazy errands with Chéri the other day.

Cafe Sauret

And all my pausing to take pictures forced us to linger outside longer than we had expected, and we ended up at the Bar Le Bloc for a drink, and then a swing by our artist friend Barbara’s place for a quick chat since she was practically right next door…
Slate Roof

Oh how lovely it is to allow the day to take you where it will, instead of force feeding a schedule to it.
Courtyard witha bike
Formule Midi et Soir
White Walls & Black Balconies
Deck the Patisserie

Tell me in the comments below, which photo is your favorite of the above.

5 thoughts on “Pretty Paris – Crisp December

  1. all the pics are awesome… i have visited Paris too…so all the memories came flooding back… i love Paris…thank you for the pics….:D

  2. I think my favorite photo is the last one due to the beautiful Christmas garland draped around the perimeter of the the patisserie store front. So pretty – love the choice of color. I really enjoy all of your photos… When you’re trying to remember how special Paris is, your photos say it all without one word being spoken.

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