Pretty Paris Pictures : Night Lights

I have been braving the cold and dreary weather lately, with my camera in tow, trying to capture some of those beautiful moments that flicker across my life in this amazing city… And if course I do all that so I can share it with you! Sometimes I end up walking waaaay farther than I originally intend to, all for the sake of getting more great shots. Some of my night shots come out rather yellowish, I wonder if it’s the lights here, or is it my camera? I don’t do any image altering or filtering on my pictures that I post here. I would, if I had the time, but I am just to busy to bother. So I end up taking quite a handful of clichés for each frame, in order to get the perfect picture that won’t need modifications.

Paris a-glow

But beyond my limited camera functions, the cold, the rain and the frozen nose and fingers, I find it exhilarating to scour the city of lights for yet another angle, yet another view, especially at night. There are less obstructions that pass in front of the lens when I am trying to get a clean shot. Regardless, night or day, I frame images everywhere I look. The camera has to be left at home often, otherwise I’d never get anywhere; I stop so many times to take pictures that I need twice the amount of time to get to my destination. Or I just need no destination at all. For me, the perfect way to waste spend free time (other than browsing Pinterest on the couch with a cup of hot tea) is wandering Paris, snapping pictures until my SD card runs out of space, or my battery dies. Whichever comes first…

Paris is sometimes prettiest at night, yes even in winter. With all the glowing lights, how can you no feel the magic?!?


Metro Globes

Hotel Du Louvre

Rue de l'Université

Mollard Paris

Red and Blue and White

Notre Dame de Paris at Night

L'horloge de Paris

The pyramid is the color of champagne

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