Pampering my skin chez Carita


After an exhausting year, no make that two years, I decided enough was enough. I needed a facial urgently. A few years ago my awesome mother-in-law (at the time Chéri and I were not yet married), gave me a Christmas gift of a facial at her favorite Carita spa in the 6th arrondissement. Since then I have been dreaming of going back. And these past couple of years I feel like my skin has aged far faster than usual. So I made that decision to stop putting it off and marched into the spa on Faubourg Saint Honoré and requested an appointment. Continue reading

Nid du Phénix massage parlor

Reflexology… I am a believer. But I have yet to believe in any reflexologist since I left the United States where I had a very talented woman in Northampton, Massachusetts who was the best reflexologist I have known to date. No where in Paris has inspired me to even test. Usually Parisian massage parlors focus more on aesthetic massage and not wellness healing massage (even if it’s advertised as such). So you can image my joy when I was contacted by the Chinese massage parlor Le Nid du Phénix and invited to come test their massages for my blog. They let me chose from the menu. Oh joy! I saw reflexology, and my instincts told me that I would find what I have been looking for…
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Friday en Français : Se Faire Chouchouter

Le concept : traduire un ancien billet et français, déjà pour pratiquer mon français à l’écrit mais aussi pour faire un geste envers mes lecteurs et lectrices francophones! N’hésitez pas à me corriger mon français.

The concept : translate an old post into French, first in order to practice my written French, but also to be a bit more welcoming to my francophone readers! Don’t hesitate to correct my French.

(Original Post in English)

Ce billet a été posté le 18 octobre 2009 :

J’étais chez Printemps l’autre jour parce que j’avais une heure et demi à tuer avant d’aller à un rendez-vous. J’avais besoin de remplir mon stock de produits de beauté Nuxe, une marque dont je suis très fan. J’étais tellement concentrée sur ma recherche pour la collection de flacons Nuxe que mon champs de vision n’était pas très grand. Je n’en trouvais pas, et cela me semblait très étrange surtout pour un magasin comme Printemps. Alors je demande à une vendeuse qui montre de son doigt…un spa Nuxe. C’était comme regarder la porte du Paradis. Il y avait même un sorte de lumière angélique sortant de l’intérieure! Quelques jours plus tard, j’étais l’heureuse cliente avec un rendez-vous pour un samedi après-midi.
Samedi 16h30 arrivé… j’arrive un peu à la hâte pile-poil à l’heure, mais cela veux dire que je n’ai pas à attendre , ce qui me convient. Commençons de suite le massage pour mes muscles tendus. J’avais choisi le massage suédois, que, l’on m’a dit, Nuxe a modifié un peu pour en créer un mélange d’un massage suédois et un massage californien. Le massage suédois étant un massage des couches profondes de l’épiderme et le californien étant plus superficiel mais avec des mouvements plus rapides. Peu m’importe, tâtez-moi comme de la pâte à modeler s’il vous plaît. Le massage durait 1h15 de relaxation pure. (Mais je pense que la masseuse a fait un chouilla plus). Il y avait à peu près 10 minutes de pré-massage à sec (sans huile) puis une heure de massage du corps entier, et on m’a demandé si j’aimais les massage léger ou profond… profonde please! Épaules, dos, bras, épaules encore, l’arrière des jambes, les pieds…on tourne… pieds encore, le devant des jambes, bras, mains, poitrine, épaules encore, ventre, tête… le tout quoi. Et puis quand elle a terminé, la masseuse m’a invité à me lever lentement pour m’assoir sur la table de massage et elle m’a fait un massage de réveil sur le dos, ce qui a duré encore 5 minutes à peu près, et m’a ramené à la réalité, juste assez pour pouvoir prendre le métro et rentrer. Mais je pense que je suis rentré sur un nuage. 

Il y a 3 Spas Nuxe à Paris, encore 2 en France et un en Allemagne. Leur produits sont divins et ils une gamme de produits bios aussi.
Visiter leur site pour des addresses et plus d’info :
here are 3 Nuxe Spas in Paris, 2 more in France and one in Germany.

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Paint your piggies…

Aouva Beauté, 6 rue Brantôme 75003

…and other beauty moments from the quartier de l’horloge…

Tucked away in a pedestrian section of the quartier de l’horloge near the Centre Pompidou is a happy little beauty salon. Aouva Beauté; where men and women alike can get their beauty fix.

I had an appointment for an evening that happened to be mighty cold outside, to get an oriental pedicure with polished toenails. Upon entering the small salon, I saw two clients getting their foot care done up and an esthetician on a stool carefully filing away. I was early and took a seat on one of the wicker stools indicated to me… right next to the cutest little long-haired chihuahua ever! It’s name is Bounty (like the candy bar), and he immediately hopped into my lap in order to be pet. Ok, my day was just totally made!

I sat there tweeting and petting the dog, but no one else in the small room was saying anything. I found it slightly odd. And even more odd, when I realized that the two other clients that where present, knew each other and had come in together. How weird to sit there silently and not talk to your friend that you are getting a” beaté des pieds” with! Anyway… after they left and I hopped into the pedicure chair, I chatted away with Anaïs, my esthetician for the evening. I asked her a thousand questions about the beauty salon and her job, and she graciously answered all of them.

Aouva Beauté has been there for a year. Three exotic women welcome their clients as if they were friends. Aouva, Anaïs and Morgiane. They have been written about in Femme Actuelle, My Little Paris, and have had deals with Groupon Paris and DealGroop. (the Groupon deal was a little too successful, but it is bringing in many clients through their door).

They offer just about everything you could hope for in a beauty salon :

Mani-pedis of course.


Massages (that Aouva told me were the real deal deep tissue Californian massage, hallelujah! –she lived in LA for some time, and speaks perfect English–)

Hair removal (with wax or thread –indian style) for men and women!

Eyelash extension!

Permanent make-up (make-up tattooing)

Help with your silhouette

And more!

And what’s better than this? : They are open Monday to Sunday (closed Saturdays) from 10am to 8pm!

6 rue Brantôme; 75003 PARIS; Tel :

Aouva with her chihuahua Bounty

Beauté Bio – Nice and Natural

Back to Bio

I have been wanting to test this beauty salon for some time, but never seemed to find the space in my wallet for it. That is until Groupon offered a deal with them. Oh happy day! I got a one hour session for a fraction of the price, and I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share this great address with all of you.

A small oasis in the middle of the busy streets of Paris. The ladies who work their are gracious and calming.

The “cabines” are on a lower level, down a narrow staircase, and in a room with a low vaulted ceiling made of the old stones of Paris. Small water fountains decorate the area visually and acoustically.

After a facial or a massage, you can ask to have your make-up touched up. they carry the brand Couleur Caramel. And all the products used for their care is organic and natural.

Back to Bio : 15 rue de Reuilly – 75012 Paris – tel:

Reuilly Diderot ou Faidherbe Chaligny – 46 et 86

"à un poil près" = missed by a hair

Why have they not caught on to this idea back in the USA…inexpensive waxing? When I hear what my friends across the pond pay for a wax, I am literally flabergasted! 60$ for a leg wax…it’s preposterous! Wax is a cheap substance for pete’s sake!
Here, in the land where everything else is expensive, we at least have affordable waxing, and beauty care, for all. Perhaps it stems from the French preoccupation with appreance, like we see in the little old ladies who put on their full face of make-up plus earrings and perfume, just to go to the market, but for whatever reason it is, I am grateful.

The particular salon that I go to, Body’Minute, a women only salon, has locations all over France. The concept is : quick, easy, inexpensive, when-you-want-it care. You subscribe for a small fee per month (there’s a slight reduction for students), and have very low prces for all your beauty care, including waxing for 4,30€ per zone! (not including the bikini). For non-subscribers the prices are still relatively low.
The other perk is that you do not have to make an appointment for every time you want to go get a wax, you simply go to the nearest salon, and let ’em rip the hairs off! Hmmm, sounds fun doesn’t it!?!
You also have access to inexpensive massages, skin care and nail care, slimming care, tanning and some even do eyelash tinting. For the subscribers there is a special every month, for example this month you get one free zone for every two zones waxed.

Their website finally has an english version, so check out their offer.
And whomever has the smarts to start something like this State-side, will not go to the bank crying, and she’ll have super smooth legs, and will probably be able to afford Louboutin heels…and then have amazing shoes for her amazing legs…

(March 2010) NEWS FLASH! Body Minute has opened a branch in Miami, Fla.!!!
Click here for directions, or if you would like to consider opening your own Body Minute franchise check this out.

"Se faire chouchouter" = To get pampered

I was at Printemps the other day because I had a half an hour to kill before going somewhere. I needed to replenish my stock of Nuxe facial products, for which I am a total fan. I was searching so intently on the shelves that my field of vision was not very wide. I couldn’t find any Nuxe products, and I found this very odd for such a grand magasin. So I found a salesperson and asked, and she pointed right in front of me, to… a Nuxe Spa. It was like looking at the gates of heaven. There was even a sort of golden angelic light coming from inside! Several days later I found myself the happy client with a rendez-vous scheduled for a saturday afternoon.
Fast-forward to Saturday 4:30pm… I arrive somewhat in a rush, but no waiting around is fine with me. Let’s get right down to massaging my achy muscles. I chose the Swedish massage, which I was told, Nuxe had modified slightly to make a mixture of a Swedish and a Californian massage. The swedish being a very deep tissue massage and the Californian having more superficial but more rapid strokes. Whatever, just pat me like play-do please. The massage was an hour and 15 min of pure relaxation. (I think the therapist did go over time a tiny bit though). There was about 10 minutes of pre-massaging à sec (sans oil) then an hour of full body massaging, and I was asked if I liked my massages more light or more deep…deep please! Shoulders, back, arms, shoulders again, back of legs, feet…flip…feet again, front of legs, arms, hands, chest, shoulders again, belly, head…the works. And then when she had finished the therapist invited me to get up slowly and sit with my back facing her for a massage de reveil, a wake up massage that lasted about 5 minutes, and brought me back to reality, just enough to be able to take the metro home. I think I rode a cloud home though.There are 3 Nuxe Spas in Paris, 2 more in France and one in Germany. Their products are divine, and they have an organic line (bio) as well.
Visit their website for addresses and info :