Two Spots for Tea

I love tea. I drink a whole pot of it in the morning. Some of you got an insight into breakfast chez Chéri & moi this past winter. I find that it wakes me up gently, quenches my thirst and offers me a delightful indulgence for the papilles (taste buds in French…it sounds better). I do like to indulge in Mariage Frères teas, as you may have read about here before. But with the amount of tea that I consume, that could quickly become quite expensive. So I have scouted out some address in the city where I get high quality teas at a slightly lower price, and then I don’t feel the need to skimp on dosage.

Guiraud Pascal Torréfaction
21 Boulevard de Reuilly, 75012 Paris

Torréfacteur rue de Reuilly Continue reading

Farm to Plate in Paris

Or as my twin sister often says : Farm to Fork!

Produce Basket When you live in a big city, and time for good food is short, it is so nice to know that the good food can come to us. And it was quite by surprise that I saw a farm stand at my local train station in the middle of Paris, on my way home from work one recent evening in April.

The store Les Poireaux de Marguerite, has branched out their activity to offer their products to people who are well out of the vicinity of their store (which is located at 51 rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris). The gruff yet charming Frenchman with the friendliest attitude attracted several of us passengers as we exited the train station. 10€ for what they call the “Vegetarien” basket which is a heap of season fruits and veggies from the farms they work with. The in-store price seems to be 14€, and I am not sure why the slight price drop at the train station stand, but I am not going to protest!

There was also a “Gourmand” basket also for 10€. I remained reasonable and stuck to the leafy stuff. Continue reading

Marché des Batignolles

Piles of Pommes One of our favorite places to grocery shop is the covered market, Marché des Batignolles. Ithas got to be one  of the friendliest neighborhood hubs in the 17th; it feels like you have been transported to a small provincial town what with the way people slow their pace and chat with each other, and me. The vendors share recipes and gush over good-tasting products. A trip here is inspiritaion to eat well, and cook often. Even Chéri is inspired (he goes there more often than I do!). Ever since we moved to this part of town he has suddenly become master chef chez nous. I am NOT objecting! Continue reading

A Detox Guide to Paris Markets

Post by Emily of Paris Paysanne


Whether you’re looking to compensate for overindulgences during your vacation or just get yourself in fine form for la rentrée, the end of summer is a great time to treat yourself to a detox. The open-air markets of Paris are a perfect spot to pick up fresh and flavorful ingredients for cleansing juices, soups, and salads. Emily Dilling Poulain who writes for Paris Paysanne, has been exploring many of the city’s markets in search of fresh and locally grown produce. Here are some of her favorite spots to stock up on healthy whole foods for a detoxifying diet:

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Bio des Batignolles– this market is full of certified organic fruits and vegetables. Eating organic whole foods is key to making sure your detox is extra toxin-free- no use making a detoxifying smoothie with pesticide soaked produce, right? Start your day at the market with a shot of freshly pressed wheatgrass juice from Hermione Boehrer‘s market stand. This will give you the energy to fill your market basket with luscious seasonal produce. In late summer months, stop to see the blueberry man who sells crates of antioxidant packed farm fresh blueberries.

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Couvert Batignolles– not far from the organic market, you’ll find the Batignolles covered market. While not much to look at from the outside, this marché is home to a diamond in the rough- vegan restaurant and smoothie purveyor My Kitch’n. Here you will find an entire menu full of delicious meal options, all aimed at detoxifying and creating balance within the body. Founder Jennifer Eric knows her stuff and is happy to advise on how to create a daily diet that will leave you feeling healthy and toxin free!

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Président Wilson– Beets are a detox staple due to their benefits in cleansing the blood and purifying the body and nobody knows root vegetables better than Joël Thiébault. A master of hard-to-find and forgotten vegetable varieties, Joël’s selection of different beet varieties ensures that you won’t suffer from beet burn as you binge on this inexpensive super food. Also check out his selection of liver-cleansing black radish as well as carrots, spinach, and celery just begging to be made into juice.

Photo Courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo Courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Belleville & Marché Barbes– Herbs and Spices are also essential to a detox diet. Peppermint functions as a natural diet suppressor and parsley is packed full of iron that is crucial to a plant-based diet. Spices such as cayenne and turmeric also help in the elimination of toxins. My go to addresses when it comes to herbs and spices are Paris more diverse markets, such as Marché Belleville and Marché Barbès. At these markets you can find bursting bouquets of mint, parsley, coriander, and basil for as little as 40 centimes per bunch. Pyramids of spices are also on offer, to be bought bulk and used to spice up your detox day!

Marché Raspail -A detox day usually starts with a glass of warm lemon water. It is important to use organic lemons to avoid ingesting the pesticides that otherwise soak into the citrus skin. Marché Raspail is another one of Paris’ organic markets where you’ll find only natural ingredients. Pick up a few lemons while there and don’t forget to visit Eric and Martial Refour’s stand- where you will find over a dozen varieties of apples that rotate given the season, these friendly vendors can help you find the perfect variety to make into a fresh pressed juice.

Photo courtesy of Paris Payanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

To get you started, Jennifer from My Kitch’n was kind enough to share a recipe for a simple detox breakfast smoothie:

My Kitch’n Breakfast Smoothie

Handful baby spinach or kale

Handful arugula

1-2 stems of celery

1 apple or 1/2 cup watermelon (which ever is in season)

1 – 2 teaspoons of spirulina

1 – 2 dates to soften the veggie flavor if you are not used to the taste of green smoothies (your tastebuds will adjust in a few days).

This is enough but you can also add a piece of fresh ginger and a lemon, for added detox and flavor, but the above is enough.

Blend together and you’re ready to go!

Wishing you all a happy rentrée and a healthy and non-toxic year- see you at the marché!

If you’re interested in learning more about Paris markets visit Paris Paysanne’s facebook page or follow her on twitter !

Commuun after party – Paris Fashion Week

The designers of Commuun threw their Paris fashion week after-party bash at the très bobo-de-merde très branché La Fidélité in the 10th arrondissement. Down in the underground “cave” with old Parisian domed stone walls and a few hat DJs : Audrey Bee, Peli and Yan Céh.



Kaito Hori & Iku Furudate


Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate, créateurs of the brand, may have gone ecolo and organic on us, which we looove! (they now only use natural fabrics and use organic cottons from Japan) but they still know how to throw a snazzy party!


DJ Audrey Bee


DJ Peli

DJ Peli

DJ Peli has awesome shoes (and stockings)!


Open bar for certain invitees and rockin’ tunes on the table, fans and friends packed in tight, danced and boogied, as much as is possible when you there’s not much room to move, it was hot and sweaty and good times! And Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate were excellently gracious hosts, who took the time to talk with those who approached them.




Lucas Corcoran & journalist Karolina Brock












A redhead, a blond and a brunette walk into a bar...






I hope they and their families back in Japan are well and safe.

Home-Made * Fait-Maison

The Marchés des Producteurs de Pays are held throughout the country in different towns throughout the year. I love when they come to Paris, because it is a way to purchase quality products direct from the people who make them. The merchants are held to strict rules if they want to participate in these special markets. They must cultivate, fabricate or cook themselves the products they sell.

Usually at these markets you run into people who are passionate about what they do. Like the “truffiers” that we met Saturday Nov. 20th at the market held on the boulevard de Reuilly. They are truffle specialists. Truffle mushrooms (not the chocolates!). Once we got the woman talking about her truffle hunting dog and pig, she was off and chattering about how to cook things while her husband kept handing us menus in an effort to make us salivate, and his wife taking them away saying that he was mean and torturing us! They had a photo album of their trained golden retriever, and proudly spoke of how if they merely said the word “truffe” the dog would go and get the basket used for collecting them (except in the summer, since he knows that it’s not truffle season).

2 truffles : they go for 65€ per 100 grams! 1 costs @ 26€!

Next to the truffle stand, there is a stand selling home-made jams. And another one selling bee’s wax candles. And yet another selling liqueurs and wines. And farther down, gingerbreads and madeleines. Hot crêpes are steaming on the griddle next to a merchant selling fresh cheeses…

You could spend all afternoon and a good chunk of your salary at these markets. But it is a way to connect with the food that you eat, and the products you consume, as well as the people that make them. With so many supermarkets and even organic stores that deal in large distribution, we are no longer “in touch” with what we put in our bodies.The marché des producteurs de pays is a good way to reverse this sad trend.

Look for upcoming dates and locations on their website. There is one going on this weekend at the Village Saint Paul in the Marais.

Cuisine authentique – Athentic cuisine

You all know that whenever I am outside of Paris and I find something that catches my fancy, I love to inform you about it… I found you all a brand new restaurant in Aix en Provence, that has an age old philosophy : good food that is good for you.

Opened only 3 months ago, l’Atelier du Déjeuner serves up breakfast, brunch and lunch for the Aixois (inhabitants of Aix) and for those who are visiting of course.
So what’s different with this one??? There is no fixed menu, everyday the options change. You have two or three lunch options, and EVERYTHING is freshly bought and freshly made. So although I cannot tell you to indulge in a particular menu item, I can tell you that I cleaned my plate, and went back the next day for more! My papilles (taste buds) were quite happy to eat there twice in one weekend.

A duo of friends who has worked the haute gamme restaurant circuit in Paris, was looking for a little change, a little sun, a little something down-to-earth. And that’s exactly what they have created. A cool interior with pristine white-washed stone walls, is complimented by a courtyard terrace in the back, lined with fresh herb pots growing things that will be going into your plate. You can say ‘bonjour’ to the chef through the window to the kitchen as you pass by on your way to your table. He is in there hand-making every sauce, every dish, every crumb.
You may also order to-go if you wish.

A friendly place full of happy people, amazing flavor in their food and a surprise menu every day!

Open 8h00am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday

L’Atelier du Déjeuner
15 rue Boulegon
13100 Aix en Provence
Tel : 04 42 21 11 98
cel : 06 22 03 64 55