My Mother In Law’s Saffran Risotto

Christmas eve risotto with scallops and shrimp I have been dying to share this recipe with you ever since Christmas eve.But first, credit due where credit is deserved : this is my mother in-law’s special Christmas eve recipe, and these images (and instructions) come from our Christmas eve family dinner with them, which is her holiday tradition. Chéri and I helped in the making of this so that I could document it and be able to understand how to prepare it, perfectly. I hope we will have many more years together as a family making this amazing meal.


Just looking at these images is making me drool. the memory of this meal is still fresh in my mind and seriously, it was so delicious we were singing her praises for days afterwards. Mmmmmmmm! Continue reading

A Detox Guide to Paris Markets

Post by Emily of Paris Paysanne


Whether you’re looking to compensate for overindulgences during your vacation or just get yourself in fine form for la rentrée, the end of summer is a great time to treat yourself to a detox. The open-air markets of Paris are a perfect spot to pick up fresh and flavorful ingredients for cleansing juices, soups, and salads. Emily Dilling Poulain who writes for Paris Paysanne, has been exploring many of the city’s markets in search of fresh and locally grown produce. Here are some of her favorite spots to stock up on healthy whole foods for a detoxifying diet:

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Bio des Batignolles– this market is full of certified organic fruits and vegetables. Eating organic whole foods is key to making sure your detox is extra toxin-free- no use making a detoxifying smoothie with pesticide soaked produce, right? Start your day at the market with a shot of freshly pressed wheatgrass juice from Hermione Boehrer‘s market stand. This will give you the energy to fill your market basket with luscious seasonal produce. In late summer months, stop to see the blueberry man who sells crates of antioxidant packed farm fresh blueberries.

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Couvert Batignolles– not far from the organic market, you’ll find the Batignolles covered market. While not much to look at from the outside, this marché is home to a diamond in the rough- vegan restaurant and smoothie purveyor My Kitch’n. Here you will find an entire menu full of delicious meal options, all aimed at detoxifying and creating balance within the body. Founder Jennifer Eric knows her stuff and is happy to advise on how to create a daily diet that will leave you feeling healthy and toxin free!

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Président Wilson– Beets are a detox staple due to their benefits in cleansing the blood and purifying the body and nobody knows root vegetables better than Joël Thiébault. A master of hard-to-find and forgotten vegetable varieties, Joël’s selection of different beet varieties ensures that you won’t suffer from beet burn as you binge on this inexpensive super food. Also check out his selection of liver-cleansing black radish as well as carrots, spinach, and celery just begging to be made into juice.

Photo Courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Photo Courtesy of Paris Paysanne

Marché Belleville & Marché Barbes– Herbs and Spices are also essential to a detox diet. Peppermint functions as a natural diet suppressor and parsley is packed full of iron that is crucial to a plant-based diet. Spices such as cayenne and turmeric also help in the elimination of toxins. My go to addresses when it comes to herbs and spices are Paris more diverse markets, such as Marché Belleville and Marché Barbès. At these markets you can find bursting bouquets of mint, parsley, coriander, and basil for as little as 40 centimes per bunch. Pyramids of spices are also on offer, to be bought bulk and used to spice up your detox day!

Marché Raspail -A detox day usually starts with a glass of warm lemon water. It is important to use organic lemons to avoid ingesting the pesticides that otherwise soak into the citrus skin. Marché Raspail is another one of Paris’ organic markets where you’ll find only natural ingredients. Pick up a few lemons while there and don’t forget to visit Eric and Martial Refour’s stand- where you will find over a dozen varieties of apples that rotate given the season, these friendly vendors can help you find the perfect variety to make into a fresh pressed juice.

Photo courtesy of Paris Payanne

Photo courtesy of Paris Paysanne

To get you started, Jennifer from My Kitch’n was kind enough to share a recipe for a simple detox breakfast smoothie:

My Kitch’n Breakfast Smoothie

Handful baby spinach or kale

Handful arugula

1-2 stems of celery

1 apple or 1/2 cup watermelon (which ever is in season)

1 – 2 teaspoons of spirulina

1 – 2 dates to soften the veggie flavor if you are not used to the taste of green smoothies (your tastebuds will adjust in a few days).

This is enough but you can also add a piece of fresh ginger and a lemon, for added detox and flavor, but the above is enough.

Blend together and you’re ready to go!

Wishing you all a happy rentrée and a healthy and non-toxic year- see you at the marché!

If you’re interested in learning more about Paris markets visit Paris Paysanne’s facebook page or follow her on twitter !

The Truth About Chocolate Mousse

So, apparently I am one of the few who “knows about” this discovery : chocolate mousse doesn’t need dairy -at all-. I came to the conclusion that most people don’t know this truth judging from all the recipes I see that call for all sorts of creams, and butters and crazy dairy requirements, and the fact that I have never met a restaurant that does it sans butter or cream. Even the dairy free recipes out there on the internet all call for the complicated substitutes that I just don’t want to deal with. Chocolate mousse is really quite a simple recipe. 3 basic ingredients are all it takes! P1190089 THREE! I wish more restaurants would get the concept since it would be nice to have something other than fresh fruit once in a while for dessert when I go out. But then I live in France, dairy land of the world. *sigh* … I suppose that the silver lining is that I have retained my figure.

When I want dessert, I have to make it myself. And usually I have to come up with all sorts of resourceful and inventive solutions to my creations to make them look, taste and feel like the “real” thing.

Luckily for me this is one of the simplest desserts out there!

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Cake & Bake makes me a cake!

Cake & Bake for Prete Moi ParisPaul Waters a.k.a. “Pastry Boy” of Cake & Bake invited me over to his boutique on rue Lancry in the 10th for an in depth demonstration of how to decorate a cake in fondant. Little did I know the surprise he had in store for me! He had conceptualized a cake just for Prête-Moi Paris! I was thrilled to watch the “sculpting” happen right before my very eyes, and to capture it all on video for you. In addition to being photogenic and just plain charming, Paul also has an expert hand, it meticulous when creating his masterpieces. He always made sure everything was just perfect! And of course, made it all look sooooooo easy in the process!

See what he is capable of here…and hold on to your bakers hats…this video goes fast!

Cake & Bake from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.

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Rochers Coco

My boss left a little magazine cutout with some recipes she found for me (she knows that I eat dairy free and my Chéri eats sans gluten). I was so touched that I was inspired to make one particular recipe to share with my colleagues.

Rochers Coco, has go to be the easiest recipe for the biggest taste. Bite sized coconut/vanilla sublime goodness… and my whole house smelled incredible while making them!

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Home Made Chocolat Chaud


I love hot chocolate. Sadly I am unable to go out and have it in Paris, as it is always, ALWAYS made with milk. And although lactose intolerance has finally reached the shelves of the local super markets, it has not and probably will never reach the café tables and counter of the many charming Salons de thé. And that is ok, since I have a living room decorated like a vintage café, and I can make my own chocolat chaud at home! Continue reading

Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY Marshmallow Pops

P1110852 Marshmallow pops. When I first discovered these as I browsed wedding ideas online, I was INSTANTLY seduced by the possibilities, the colors, the sprinkles, the fun! Continue reading

Friday en Français : Recette américaine

Ok, pour ce vendredi en français…je vous propose une recette, facile. Cette recette m’a été servie pendant mon enfance et adolescence très souvent, car c’est facile, rapide et on peut en faire un bol énorme (je viens d’une famille assez grande en faite). Et bon, c’est la fin de la semaine, on est fatigué, on n’a pas forcément envie de labourer dans la cuisine à faire des plats compliqués…c’est pour ça qu’on sort au restaurant souvent le week-end, non?!?

Cette recette est génial en hiver comme en été, se sert avec une bière ou un verre de vin léger, peut se manger en picnic ou à table, c’est génial pour les enfants et les grands…. Je le sers aussi à mes amis intimes parfois quand ils viennent à la maison pour une soirée cool et détendue, mais bon je ne le servirai pas à ma belle mère quand même! 😉

C’est le Taco Salad! Plat de mon enfance, que j’adore toujours. Même mon Chéri l’adore! Et à la phrase “Je fais du taco salade ce soir!” j’ai droit à un grand sourire!!!

Pour 2-4 personnes :

260g steak haché

1 oignon jaune de taille moyenne

1 c à soupe paprika

Sel et poivre

Faites revenir l’oignon jaune que vous avez émincé avec la viande haché en le remuant pour qu’elle ne garde pas de forme précises. Égouttez l’huile qui s’accumule pour éliminer un peu de la matière grasse, une fois que c’est à moitié cuit, à l’aide d’une cuillère. Rajouter le paprika et terminez la cuisson. Votre viande ne devrait pas avoir du rouge. Saler et poivrer.

2 avocats mûres

1 tête de laitue

2 tomates rondes

1 concombre (ou demi concombre cela dépende de sa taille)

4 petits oignons frais

Coupez les avocats, tomates, les oignons frais, le concombre et la laitue en morceaux.

1 boite de 200 ou 250g de maïs doux

150g de chips en maïs nature

Dans un grand saladier mettez et mélangez la salade avec les tomates et avocats, les oignons frais, le concombre et maïs. Incorporer la viande cuite, et ajouter les chips en maïs légèrement écrasés.

(Facultatif) Fromage rapé

(Facultatif) Haricots rouges en boîte

(Facultatif) Olives noire dénoyautés

Sauce salade au choix!


Friday en Français : Se faire une beauté

Le concept : traduire un ancien billet et français, déjà pour pratiquer mon français à l’écrit mais aussi pour faire un geste envers mes lecteurs et lectrices francophones! N’hésitez pas à me corriger mon français.

The concept : translate an old post into French, first in order to practice my written French, but also to be a bit more welcoming to my francophone readers! Don’t hesitate to correct my French.

(Original post in English here)

Originally published May 13th 2010 / Publication originale le 13 mai 2010

Photo : et L’Occitane ont fait équipe pour proposer aux dames de l’hexagone une petite séance de beauté gratuit pour introduire la nouvelle gamme de maquillage qui est disponible pour un temps limité. C’est à l’honneur de toutes les mères, cette gamme de maquillage est fait avec l’essence des pivoines, ces belles fleurs qui qui fleurissent tard dans le printemps ou tôt l’été, et il y en a qui sont fou pour ces fleurs. Eh bien, ces produits sortent chez L’Occitane en même temps que ces fleurs froufrous apparaissent dans le vitrines des fleuristes.

La séance maquillage était douce et rapide, avec un peu de Mine d’Or pour bronzer légèrement qui a plusieurs couleurs dans la même palette pour pouvoir s’accommoder à toutes les peaux.

Un peu de fard à paupière qui pourrait être utilisé sec ou humide, pour “ouvrir le regard”, un blush à crème qui peux doubler comme gloss pour les lèvres. Rien n’est lourd, et justement ce que l’on attend d’une compagnie qui a l’habitude de proposer des produits à base d’éléments naturels.

(Petit info supplémentaire : cette gamme de maquillage à été ressortie cette année également!)

Saucey, sweet and easy!

Stewed prunes

I just made up a yummy little side dish to go along with Turkey (or duck or goose) maybe as a replacement for cranberry sauce???

Thought I would share!

1 kilo of prunes (got these from Naturalia, the organic market, they have pits in them, so beware when biting down!)

2 cups shelled walnuts (got these at Monoprix)

3 or 4 table spoons of butter, margarine or olive oil. (I use a dairy-free margarine purchased at Bio-Génération…which will soon become Les Nouveaux Robinsons…)

1/4 cup chopped onions  (from the weekly market)

3 tablespoons fresh or frozen thym (I use frozen from Picard & always have some in my freezer, it has more taste than dry thym)

1 cup fresh cranberries (got these from the Thanksgiving store in the Marais, they also sell them at the Grande Epicerie de Paris aka : le Bon Marché, in the 6th…which by the way has so many fun and delicious things for the holidays, it’s a miracle I got out of there without spending an arm and a leg. I wanted to purchase so many little charming packages of Christmas treats!)

1 table spoon brown sugar (Got this at the Thanksgiving store as well)

1 teaspoon (or more if you like) ground cinnamon. You can always add more if you feel it’s not enough.

Salt to taste.

First braise the onions and the butter/margarine/olive oil in a pot  on low heat for about 5 minutes, they should become soft nut just before they start browning, add the walnuts and stir over the heat for about 2 minutes. Then add the prunes, cranberries, thym, and brown sugar. Stir well. Let it simmer on very low heat for another 10-15 minutes. Stir again, and let simmer for another couple of minutes.

And voilà!

If you try this, let me know what you think!