Two Spots for Tea

I love tea. I drink a whole pot of it in the morning. Some of you got an insight into breakfast chez Chéri & moi this past winter. I find that it wakes me up gently, quenches my thirst and offers me a delightful indulgence for the papilles (taste buds in French…it sounds better). I do like to indulge in Mariage Frères teas, as you may have read about here before. But with the amount of tea that I consume, that could quickly become quite expensive. So I have scouted out some address in the city where I get high quality teas at a slightly lower price, and then I don’t feel the need to skimp on dosage.

Guiraud Pascal Torréfaction
21 Boulevard de Reuilly, 75012 Paris

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Treize – New Secret Spot in Paris

Treize Laurel Sanderson was one of the founders of the wildly successful Sugarplum Cake Shop and was the heart, soul, and sunshine of their tea salon… We were all sad when she left the Paris baking/eatery scene, but that didn’t last long! She’s baaaaaaack! And she has created her own little place that is full of her contagious and addictive charm and warm cheerful hospitality, serving up her fantastic recipes for lunch and brunch, and that amazing carrot cake she is so well known for.

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Café Hopping in Paris

So there is this concept that people tend to do in their 20’s, called bar hopping. It happens at night, silliness and debauchery is involved and beverages are drunk.

P1200240I am in my 30’s so my bar hopping days are long gone, but I do enjoy a good bout of café hopping! Coffee was in the late 18th century considered a drug (it was consumed at EXTREMELY high concentrations so people would get practically high off it and start (French) revolutions. So if I were an 18th century Parisian I could be considered to wild and crazy, but now coffee is one of the most civilized drinks, caffeine a blasé drug and it is taken as an afternoon treat when one is trying to relax. Robespierre may well have fallen over in his seat if he had been aware of such an outcome of this substance. But there you have it.

I met Mary of Fox in Paris and we hopped from Café Coutume in the 7th to the Télescope café in the 1st. Continue reading

Project Optimism : Little Sunday Luxuries

I often complain about not having enough time. But perhaps I am just not appreciative enough of the time I do have.

In an effort to be more optimist about the time I do have, I am writing this post to illustrate how I can and do appreciate it.

The most luxurious luxuries of all is time.

time_1920x1200 Sunday is the one day of the week where I have that luxury. And so I love to spend all that luxurious time allowing myself to indulge in other little luxuries, since, well, I have the time to do so!

Sunday for Chéri and I starts with a nice long sleep-in until around 11:00, then breakfast in bed with a pair of folding trays that we received for Christmas from his parents. (It was my favorite gift, believe me!) Plateau Habitat petit dejeuner

We usually watch Jon Stewart on streaming to make sure we are kept up-to-date with American politics.

Once we have had our fill of yankee humor, soft boiled eggs, toast, jam and mariage frères tea (currently we are sipping their “black magic” blend), we allow ourselves extra time in the shower which offers me the chance to enjoy things like fancy bath gels. I am using up a little bottle of lilac, rose and geranium mix by Abahna that we found in a lovely boutique on a recent weekend trip to Brussels. This lovely bath essentials company excels in creating products for the “ceremony of bathing” as they call it. I save the bottle just for use on Sundays so that I can enjoy the scent and the lather to its fullest. Continue reading

Nid du Phénix massage parlor

Reflexology… I am a believer. But I have yet to believe in any reflexologist since I left the United States where I had a very talented woman in Northampton, Massachusetts who was the best reflexologist I have known to date. No where in Paris has inspired me to even test. Usually Parisian massage parlors focus more on aesthetic massage and not wellness healing massage (even if it’s advertised as such). So you can image my joy when I was contacted by the Chinese massage parlor Le Nid du Phénix and invited to come test their massages for my blog. They let me chose from the menu. Oh joy! I saw reflexology, and my instincts told me that I would find what I have been looking for…
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Tea adventures with Mariage Frères

I love tea. But if you have been following me for sometime now…you know that already!!
I LOVE Mariage Frères tea. Aesthetic and refined, it is the perfect example of French tea. The Mariage family that began the company that is now known as Mariage Frères (since 1854 on rue Bourg-Tibourg) had been in the tea trade since the late 17th century.
Mariage Frères is a French tea brand that makes classic and specialty teas and tea products. If you have never tried their teas, you should.
They just recently launched a new tea flavor that intrigued me, by its very name alone : Full Moon Party tea. For the mad hatter in me, this sounded like just the perfect tea for my next unbirthday party. Chéri and I took a Sunday stroll the other day to the Marias and stopped in the Mariage Frères boutique on rue Bourg-Tibourg to give it a taste at the salon de thé. I drank nearly a whole pot (but then I do that every morning when I wake up!) of the Full Moon Party tea and Chéri had a glass of iced Havana French Summer tea.

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