La Terrasse – Hôtel Raphael

HotelRaphael_EiffelView2 I wrote about where Lily and I lunched recently, and I also feel compelled to share another place with you all, where we went for champagne. This must be the absolute best terrace in the entire city of Paris. At the hotel Raphael, they have a beautiful lofty terrace with the most stunning views in the city. On one side of the 7th floor terrace, you get an eyeful of the Arc de Triomphe and the Sacre Coeur, and on the other the Eiffel Tower glows at you from a short distance, and there is a delightful breeze that caresses you up at this height.

So as you can imagine, getting a table required a little bit of patience on this hot summer evening when the who’s who of French business and journalism sipped cooling cocktails while discussing business with partners, and ultra chic tourists and Parisians pouted and pursed over champagne.
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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Romance in the Air

So an article from the Huffington Post about the Pont des Arts as the most romantic spot in Paris has inspired this piece or series of pieces. It got me thinking that although the Pont des Art is quite romantic, there may be people out there with a different idea of the most romantic spot in the City of Light (and love).

My friends at Osez Le Romantisme have compiled a list of the 10 most romantic spots in the city. These are some of the classic most popular spots in Paris, and are, among visitors and tourists, places where they have experienced some of the most amazing moments of their lives. And I agree, who wouldn’t want to be in one of those beautiful spots with the person they love!?!

But the purpose of these pieces is to dig into the idea of “the most romantic spot in Paris”, on a  more personal level. Through my own expereices, I want to encourage you to respond, comment and reply about what you people, readers, Paris lovers and *gasp* Parisians, consider one of the most romantic spots in the city is. (FYI : being Parisian doesn’t mean you are necessarily French, it just means you live here).

I Hediard Paris! Hediard is already commercializing on Valentine's day. #Paris #Hediard #heart
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Pictours Paris Bridal Shoot

So, bridal modeling seems to be somewhat of a partime pro-bono vocation for me lately… I mean what’s not to love about getting primped and dolled up, putting on a frilly gown and prancing around in front of a camera! I mean who wouldn’t want ot do that!?!
So when Lyndsey Kent of Pictours Paris sent out a tweet looking for models to shoot a promo for her new bridal services and wedding package, I was all about that!

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Paris Carnival : Photo shoot with Keith Pitts

So this is not a bridal shoot, I promise! 😉
But it is a fun and frivolous shoot that Chéri and I did just shortly after our wedding.

One of the blogs I follow, French Wedding Style run by Monique was having a giveaway contest some months back, that I entered. I have to be honest, I had almost forgotten about it when suddenly I recieved an email telling me that I was one of the winners! I scheduled a day in July to do the photo shoot with the photographer Keith Pitts, and decided it would be fun to continue the carnival/circus theme we had for our June wedding.

We met Keith at the merry-go-round just below Trocadero where we had done some of our wedding photos, and it was quite fun to see the differences between the two photographers at the same spot. Keith was a super easy-going guy, totally uncomplicated and easy to talk to. He and Chéri engaged in conversation about everything from Paris to travel to Arizona where Keith is From.

Keith Pitts Photography

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Patrick de Pertat

Aquamarine, diamonds and white gold, by Patrick de Pertat 5100€

Maître bijoutier & archeologist

I like to think it was fate that helped me find this artisan jeweler. I had been discussing wedding bands with the jewelers to whom Chéri went to get the engagement ring he offered me, and something about them just rubbed me the wrong way. I tried and tried to like them, to trust them and to feel at ease with them, but after my fourth visit with them I still felt they were not able to understand what I needed, nor were they able to offer me the type of “accueil” that I was hoping to get from the people who would sell me a band that I will wear for the rest of my life. I always felt like they were trying to trick me. I am sure it is personal thing as Chéri never felt this kind of vibe from them. Continue reading

Real life Paris engagement shoot : Bethany and James

♥ Please be patient while the photos load… ♥

I met Bethany a couple of years ago. She was a student under my care when I worked in study-abroad, and we remained in contact after her session here in Paris. We have shared our life news since, and I was so happy to learn several weeks ago that she was engaged, and even more thrilled to know that she would be visiting Paris and was hoping to do an engagement photo-shoot. She wanted to know if I knew anyone available on short notice…I did, myself! Eager to try something I haven’t done before, and also happy to do something beautiful and creative for someone I care about I asked her if she would allow me to take their engagement photos. She was more than happy to let me have the opportunity. So on the scheduled day of the shoot I met them at the Alexander III bridge where we did a series of shots, and then headed over to the Grand and Petit Palais, followed by a quick pass by rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and then to Ladurée for breakfast on rue Royal. They were relaxed and care-free about the whole thing, the perfect couple to photograph. Being that it was my first every engagement photo-shoot, I was unsure if I would be able to direct my subjects well. After the first few clicks of my camera I was not worried. Not only were Bethany and James super photogenic, but they were happy to oblige in any direction I gave them.

James is a shoe designer and comes from a family of artisans that restore old Ford Model T cars… and man this guy is organized! When he decided to propose to his chérie he planned it all to a T! 😉 He got their friends involved, and managed to pull of the most unexpected, most romantic moment full of surprise and delight to a bewildered Bethany who had no idea what was coming.

The bride-to-be is a product manager for Keds. Both of these two lovebirds work in the shoe industry. So in addition to being best friends and life partners, they both have their feet pointed in the same direction. So as to saying goes : if the shoe fits… And these two certainly fit!

They are a couple of accomplices in life and have tons of obvious compatibility together, all you have to do is look at the two of them to see that they were meant to be! I wish them a long and joyful life together…

♥ Love rules!!! ♥

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