Coupe d’été : Paris Row Boat Regatta : 3rd edition!

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Dear all,

After all hope is more or less lost on July 15th’s weather being favorable for

the row boat race, I have decided to postpone until next Saturday, July 21st.

I use this site for weather updates :

Here’s to hoping next week the weather is kinder to us… Continue reading


Le Lac Daumesnil

The craziness of September is past us now, the return from vacation and all the things that have piled up while we were away have hopefully been ticked off the to-do list. The fashion week frenzy has subsided. My Blog-anniversary has come and gone, and my human life one looms up in front of me… It’s about time for some calm and tranquility.

For this, I head to  the eastern side of Paris, where I enjoy the Lac Daumesnil.

I love the Lac Daumesnil. Nestled in the bois de Vincennes, on the edge of Paris, lies this lovely lake, where swans have found a home, duck families, a row boat rental company and where many Parisians go to breathe some slightly more fresher air on the weekends, and joggers go to shed a few pounds by trotting around the circumference of the lake.
Entrance to the Bois de Vincennes

A beautiful piece of outdoors in Paris, the lake offers a romantic setting for a stroll with your chéri(e) or a paddle in a boat where you take a few snapshots of the swans…there is even a charming little gazebo in a hill and a man made grotto for lovers and friends to share for a kiss or a warm embrace.
Lac daumesnil

The Lac Daumesnil on a September morning

The Lac Daumesnil in the Bois de Vincennes

Swans on the Lac Daumesnil
To get there, take the metro line 8 and get off at Porte Dorée. Head up the hill towards the gold statue/fountain, and veer towards your right, take the footpath into the sparsley wodded area and cross the parking lot street, you will see the boat house for the row boats. And Voilà, there you are…. Enjoy!

Coupe d’été : Row Boat Regatta n° II

The second annual Row Boat Regatta hosted by Prête-Moi Paris almost didn’t happen.


Originally scheduled for June 18th, I began scrutinizing the weather forecasts a week and a half before that date. None of them looked positive. Thundershowers. Not good weather to paddle around on the lake under! The day before, the weather forecast was so disheartening that I canceled the regatta and rescheduled. When I woke the next morning and looked out the window I saw bright sun streaming through the clouds. I shook my fist and cursed the sky to pour down rain. It did eventually that afternoon, in violent bursts with strong gusts of wind, so I felt quite validated in canceling the regatta.

The rain date came around and the same anxiety over the weather came over my head like a little pooh-bear rain cloud the week before. And some weather reports predicted rain, others did not. I said to hell with it, I’ll be there rain or shine! And if no one else shows up, I’ll have a bottle of rosé champagne to pop and I will serve myself glass after glass of champagne in a rain filled row boat if I have to! (Very dramatic, I know… It’s all part of the rough life I live as an expat blogger in Paris). 😉

Well the day came and the contestants showed. A small crowd of ten, we  claimed our picnic spot on the island, and the rowers set about figuring out how to man the oars. Sab, from the meet up group Paris if You Please who helped me organize the event, came with his lovely wife and adorably squish-able son. Other contestants, Satyam and Linda tried the strategy of let the others drink a few glasses of wine first in order to gain advantage over what they hoped would be some pretty swerving rowing… Steve’s strategy was to have a past career as a professional rower, that helps a lot. Estela and Sly played it cool and cute, pretending they were there only for the romantic aspect (being the newly weds that they are). In the end Steve’s boat won and they shared their champagne all around!

And not a drop of rain fell the entire time!!!

Cheers to all who joined in the fun and see you next year!









Ready, Set, Row! – À vos marques, prêts, ramez!

Prête Moi Paris held it’s first annual row boat regatta, July 17th, 2010.
It was an amicable afternoon on the lac de Vincennes, with food and wine, and fun…
But then we got “serious” and took to our oars. The battle was fierce, but the ladies prevailed and claimed the crown, er… champagne; aaaand promptyl filled everone’s glass. Victory is no fun unless it’s shared.

See you next year with your captains and crews!

Thanks to Quinn of for her photography skills!