Spring Restaurant : Merci Monsieur Rose!

Spring Restaurant ParisI probably would never have treated myself to such an extravagant meal had it not been for my very good friend, Alana, who is also a connoisseur of fine cuisine and has a palate that would challenge most of the well-known food critics out there (whomever they are). We wanted to have a girls’ dinner out and wanted something that screamed “indulgence” but did not want to skimp on food quality. Not an easy feat with my dairy intolerance. so when I called up Spring and asked them if they could accommodate someone with a dairy allergy, and they said “oui” I squeaked with such joy, Alana told me I sounded like I had won the lottery. I NEVER would have EVER thought that such a posh restaurant would be willing to modify their whole menu just so I could eat there. (I later found out one of the reasons why they were so willing to accommodate).

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Paris By Mouth Launch…Paris gourmand

Food writer Meg Zimbeck‘s new site Paris by Mouth coupled their launch party with that of chef Daniel Rose’s restaurant, Spring which has just moved to a larger venue in the 1st arrondissement. It was a perfect evening on the rue de l’Arbre sec this past crisp-but-bright Monday at the end of May. Spring (the restaurant) has recently opened their boutique, where the fête began with flowing wine. I was happy to be able to attend for a short but sweet, while. Bloggers, foodies, Parisians, professors and quite a few American ex-pats came out to for the ol’ heave ho, and up you go.
The boutique has a charming, nostalgic and authentic ambiance, where the shelves are laden with products that have character and careful choosing put into the selection. Pressed in cozy together and spilling onto the sidewalk, the place was like a meeting hub for to all came out to play with Meg and friends. The chatter bubbled over everything from yoga to wine and beyond. And the evening sun became golden and sparkling upon the shelves lined with good things to eat. Continue reading