Four Scents For Gentlemen

Post by Frank Cierpial

Frank Cierpial

As any self respecting gay man will tell you, creating a harmonious outfit can be a casse-tête. People always ask me “Frank, why does it take you four hours to get dressed for any given soirée?” Well, I will tell you, everything in the outfit has to flow, from the colors, to the texture, to how everything shapes to your body, to the scent that you are wearing. Choosing a perfume or a cologne should be an important decision, not just : “Well, I wore this one yesterday, so I’ll wear that one today”. Whether it is perfume or cologne (eau de toilette for men) really shouldn’t be an important factor, because perfume and cologne are actually two different chemicals comparable to the sun and the moon, it’s not just that perfume is for ladies and cologne is for men. Perfume is stronger scented and cologne is lighter.

I had the awesome opportunity to review four delightful “Eau de toilette” scents created by la maison Detaille. Now, this article was a challenge for me, because I have never before reviewed a perfume, so strategy was hard. The first idea I had was to go into a gay bar and scream in French “Hey! Who wants to smell me?” But, after careful consideration, I decided against that one. So, the plan for this article comes with the strategy of a stylist. I am going to show you my thought process into choosing the perfect perfume or cologne to complete your outfit.

Maison Detaille, 10 rue Saint Lazare

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Beauty is all in the Detaille

Mme Detaille, comtesse de PresleShe was one of the first women in Paris to acquire a motorized vehicle! The wealthy countess of Presle. She loved to drive, but like any self respecting parisienne at the time (or now for that matter) took great care to preserve her  beauty while remaining fantastically wild as one of the only women to drive a car around Paris. And in those days for a jolie automobilist, some beauty preservation was indeed urgently needed. Cars did not have a roof let alone a windshield! They looked something more like this :peugeot-1905 Continue reading