Style Story – The Sweet Life in Paris


Olivia and Olivier explore the tasty treats of Paris.

A chic Parisian girl and her puppy seek out some of the sweet stuff in the City of Lights while strolling around the two city islands in the middle of the Seine. They go from ice cream, to cookies, and stop to smell the roses, and enjoy a sweet café crème before indulging in some Ladurée macarons!

[All photographs by Pictours Paris]

This project has been a while in the making… And I am finally thrilled to show you the result!

So how did this all come about you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! I had offered a prize to be raffled off for charity among a slew of other prizes, at the Paris Cupcake Camp way back last Fall. It was originally merely to be just a small fashion shoot with me and my camera. But it became a big beautiful collaborative effort between several people, and a puppy! It was such fun to come up with the shoot concept, plan it out, scout locations, bring in the talent and create something fun, frivolous and fabulously Parisian with all of these wonderful souls who helped me create this little video.


Four Scents For Gentlemen

Post by Frank Cierpial

Frank Cierpial

As any self respecting gay man will tell you, creating a harmonious outfit can be a casse-tête. People always ask me “Frank, why does it take you four hours to get dressed for any given soirée?” Well, I will tell you, everything in the outfit has to flow, from the colors, to the texture, to how everything shapes to your body, to the scent that you are wearing. Choosing a perfume or a cologne should be an important decision, not just : “Well, I wore this one yesterday, so I’ll wear that one today”. Whether it is perfume or cologne (eau de toilette for men) really shouldn’t be an important factor, because perfume and cologne are actually two different chemicals comparable to the sun and the moon, it’s not just that perfume is for ladies and cologne is for men. Perfume is stronger scented and cologne is lighter.

I had the awesome opportunity to review four delightful “Eau de toilette” scents created by la maison Detaille. Now, this article was a challenge for me, because I have never before reviewed a perfume, so strategy was hard. The first idea I had was to go into a gay bar and scream in French “Hey! Who wants to smell me?” But, after careful consideration, I decided against that one. So, the plan for this article comes with the strategy of a stylist. I am going to show you my thought process into choosing the perfect perfume or cologne to complete your outfit.

Maison Detaille, 10 rue Saint Lazare

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A Tale of Two Restaurants

Post by Frank Cierpial

Frank Cierpial

There exists a condition that I have read a lot of articles on, it is not a fatal condition, but it is fatal to one’s idealistic and unrealistic views about Paris. Most people, who come here, come here with a lot of preconceived notions about what they will find once they get to The City of Lights. As they walk through the cobblestone streets and glance at the beautiful roman architecture, they stumble upon a Starbucks with a line out the door. They don’t really think much about it and they move on, then they stumble upon the infamous McDonalds that sits in the Louvre that I have yet to see, and they start to feel the first impact of their crushed dreams. Then, they stumble upon American Restaurants with American people working there and that is it, Paris has gone from being the most beautiful city in the world to being the city lacking authentic charm.
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Sneak Peek : #SweetLifeInParis

So as you may have seen from the amount of tweets and instagrams the other day, Prête-Moi Paris had a fun style photo shoot in Paris involving some FAAAABULOUS collaborations (see below).

But a lot of photo and video editing needs to happen before I can show you the results.


I know everyone wants a sneak peek! So I thought I would ease your curiosity and give you one! Continue reading

NYC Expo : Punk, From Chaos to Couture

Post by Frank Cierpial

Frank Cierpial

Punk 3Ever since I have started making annual trips to Paris to help make my dream come true, I begin to go through a cycle of emotions. Spring is always the time of enlightenment, and the few weeks before going to Paris always seem to move so slowly. That is why I headed down to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to write about a very exciting exhibit for me called “Punk: From Chaos to Couture”. The exhibit was very well planned out, very well displayed, and was exactly how it sounds. The exhibit aims to explain how a rebellious, anti-establishment, and creative style, kind of “do it yourself” fashion, became a large inspiration for some of the biggest designers in Haute Couture like Dolce and Gabbana, La Maison Balmain, and Gianni Versaci. Continue reading

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity

Frank Cierpial
Post by Frank Cierpial

Paris has always been a city loved by artists. How can it not be? Paris is beautiful twenty four hours a day in every light. In Paris, art is everywhere. From every building to every café crème, beauty is a big part of life in Paris. New York is the opposite. In New York, art is basically confined to Art Galleries in Chelsea and museums. Please do not miss-understand, New York has its own art and beauty, but it is not as visible and tangible as the art in Paris.

On my second day of spring break, I was brought to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. My friend Jaclyn and I walked through the hallways filled to the brim with European, Roman, and Greek art and felt the soft cultural touch of the old world. Then we got to the special exhibit. The exhibit that this article is centered around, the exhibit that was comparable to me getting on a plane, putting my tray in a an upright position, leaning back, and taking off back to the place that showed me the beauty of art for the first time 5 years ago. I saw Paris for the first time through a very unique lens. I saw Paris through the lens of someone who didn’t know what to expect. I was 17, and I acted like Keanu Reeves in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, needless to say art was not in my repertoire. But, before I go into the exhibit and what I saw, I would like to give some background on Impressionism and what impressionism is.
In its time, Impressionism was a very controversial subject. Some writers thought it was incomplete and did not understand its sketch-like and creative appearance. But, other writers saw it as a depiction of modern life. That is exactly what Claude Monet and his contemporaries were trying to accomplish. Impressionism is considered to be a new way of looking at life, to quote my friend Jaclyn “not exactly what is there, but the way the artist sees it”. Impressionism is a long and complicated subject that I can write you pages and pages on. But, I’ll save that for my book. Right now, I’ll just cut to the chase about what I saw. Continue reading

Ladurée in NYC

Article by Frank Cierpial

Frank G Cierpial

Montclair State University is on Spring Break this week, so at the time when I would normally be in Advanced Spoken Language, I was on a train into New York Penn Station to find one of Paris’s newest most prized treasures, La maison Ladurée.

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Le Petit Parisien – New York

Post by Frank Cierpial

Frank G Cierpial

PetitParisienSometimes the hustle and bustle of New York can be too much for anybody and it is nice to take a short journey into a quiet mountain town. This mountain town is in the Garden State of New Jersey. It is called Montclair and I know it well, because I go to Montclair State University. Montclair is a town full of sidewalk cafés, cute little independently owned businesses, and is known for its French community. Baptiste and Leme Maldonado are part of this French community. They came here from Versailles, France two years ago, and just 8 months ago opened this adorable French Pastry place called “Le Petit Parisien”. Continue reading

NYFW Erin Barr SS13

Post by Frank Cierpial

Erin Barr SS13

I was in Florence, Italy studying fashion this past summer. One day, my professor took us to the Salvatore Ferragammo Museum. The Ferragammo museum was showing a Marilyn Monroe exhibit featuring all of the dresses that she wore, including the dress that Madonna copied for her video “Material Girl”. As I walked through at looked at all of these elegant dresses, I asked my friend, “Why don’t people dress like this anymore?” Then, I came back to New York and got invited to the Erin Barr show. The Erin Barr show meant a lot to me, because it was my first fashion show, and reminded me why I love fashion so much. Trust me, in the fashion industry, you need all the reminders you can get. The makeup was done by Gordon Espinet and the M.A.C. Pro Team. The Hair was done by Jordan M. Smith, and Bumble &Bumble. The stylist was Nathan Qualley. And, the Shoes were provided by Micheal Antonio. But, the clothing was the best part. I fell in love with Erin Barr’s creative style from the moment I stepped into the presentation room. Continue reading

FNO in NYC 2012

Post by Frank Cierpial

On the night of Wednesday September 6th, I went home after school to put on My Jean Paul Gaultier inspired outfit that combined my old edginess with the chic style that I learned from the Parisians. I started with a sexy blue V-neck shirt and a pair of black slacks. I then dressed it up with a studded belt and pinned striped vest from Hot Topic. I then completed the outfit with a necklace with a “Celtic Heart” on the end, shoes from Zara, and a beret. As a man, it is usually only socially acceptable for me to wear “safe” outfits. I decided to take the opportunity of Fashion’s Night Out to express myself a little bit more than usuam through clothing, which in my opinion is what Fashion’s Night Out should stand for. That is why I was left slightly disappointed that night. Continue reading