Free Computer Use in Paris

A branch of La Cantine, it’s called Espace Public Numérique and is a public space for computer and Internet use for those who do not have access at home.

It’s Free!
Offered by the city of Paris



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Costs you a quarter!

A quarter is 25 cents of American change… it used to be that you could purchase things for a quarter or under a quarter. Not anymore really.

Let’s see…

In 1942 you could get a bottle of Coca Cola for 5 cents.

In 1955 you could get fresh roasted penauts at Ebbet’s Field to watch a Dodgers baseball game, for 10 cents!

This guys says that if you have a 25 cent piece minted pre-1965 it’s actually worth 8 bucks! So I guess you can sort of get a couple of gallons of gas for a quarter, as he points out.

In 1978 a 1.2 oz chocolate Hershey’s bar cost 25 cents.

But this is 2011, and I live in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world… so imagine my utter astoniqhment when I saw something for under 25 €ents! A bottle of water, folks. For 20 cents. I couldn’t believe it. Especially because they cost 2 whole euros when you purchase a bottle of Evian in a vending machine.


I found this at the Galaries Lafayette Gourmet boutique OF ALL PLACES TOO!!! Not a place where you will find lower priced groceries by any means! So hip-hip-hooray for the Gal-Laf for putting something on the shelf that is priced at a cost that is reasonable and accessible to everyone. It’s so accessible that as I was leaving the department store to go grab the bus, I saw a clandestine street vendor with a bucket full of ice water and those very same water bottles… his price? 1€.


I still wasn't convinced it was 20cents until I paid. Photo proof! 🙂

Oh and just for comparisons sake to put things in perspective… at the Galaries Lafayette store, you can also get what looks like a gallon of Nutella…for 39€. It’s a balancing act, right?!? LOL!!!

Oh, and FYI… You don’t have to pay for water in Paris… when you order a meal or a drink at a restaurant or a café, you may ask for a “carafe d’eau” and it’s free. You can also fill up your own water bottle for free at the Wallace fountains that are scattered around the city!

Wait… I live here?!?

IMAG2853, première mise en ligne par PreteMoiParis.

I may grumble at the weather, the tourists, the metro… but I am constantly in awe of this city in which I live, and I still pinch myself sometimes… just to make sure it’s true. I hope I will still feel this way when I am old and wrinkly!

Oh… this lovely view??? You may get it for free too on the roof of the Galaries Lafayette, boulevard Haussmann. Just take the escalator, inside the porte d’Opera, all the way up… Enjoy!

Fall fashion moment – Minute mode automnal

The Galaries Lafeyette holds Friday fashion shows on their top floor for the visiting fashionistas and shoppers of the world.

It’s a great way to get ideas before you head out shopping (they are hoping you’ll do so in their department store) for what is hot in the current season. You’ll see picks and selections of what was shown on the runways put together with shoes and labeled for you in a program flyer with the specific floor indicated where you will find the items in the store. Set to music with lighting, beautiful models and a catwalk that curls around the entire room so that everyone can get a glance at the frocks, this is a fun activity to do amongst girlfriends or to bring your out-of-town visitors to for a taste of the Paris fashion culture.

(I posted the link below to find out how to attend)

Here’s a few of my picks from this seasons panorama :

All Saints FW1011

All Saints FW1011

Red Valentino FW1011

Red Valentino FW1011


Diane Von Furstenberg



Rue du Mail



John Galliano



Class Cavalli



Vivienne Westwood



Catherine Malandrino



Paul Smith


Cymbaline FW1011

Cymbeline (on her)

This season focuses as you can see on the contrast of warm darks and bright colors, soaft blacks,  reds, vibrant pinks etc…

Here you will find the instructions in English with an email and phone number to reserve (reservations a must). This collection will be shown until about February 2011 I believe.

(Also I didn’t watch the names fro each designer as I was juggling a camera…if you have any notion of some of the designers for the pics without a caption, leave  it as a comment. Thanks!)