Tea adventures with Mariage Frères

I love tea. But if you have been following me for sometime now…you know that already!!
I LOVE Mariage Frères tea. Aesthetic and refined, it is the perfect example of French tea. The Mariage family that began the company that is now known as Mariage Frères (since 1854 on rue Bourg-Tibourg) had been in the tea trade since the late 17th century.
Mariage Frères is a French tea brand that makes classic and specialty teas and tea products. If you have never tried their teas, you should.
They just recently launched a new tea flavor that intrigued me, by its very name alone : Full Moon Party tea. For the mad hatter in me, this sounded like just the perfect tea for my next unbirthday party. Chéri and I took a Sunday stroll the other day to the Marias and stopped in the Mariage Frères boutique on rue Bourg-Tibourg to give it a taste at the salon de thé. I drank nearly a whole pot (but then I do that every morning when I wake up!) of the Full Moon Party tea and Chéri had a glass of iced Havana French Summer tea.

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