Trying On Some Trends

Trying On Some Trends
Fashion comes and goes, and then comes back again… I tend to stick to basics. And then get an occasional fun, frilly or funky item. ISn’t that what they told us about how French women dress? But I thought it would be fun to test out a few trends, and what better what better way to do so than on my Polyvore board.

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Vacation Inspiration – Summer Style


Paris Summer Style

August, the month of the “Aoûtiens” as the French call it. Meaning, those who take their vacation holiday in August. The “Juilletistes” are the ones who head out of town in July. I am an “Aoûtienne”. I like having my vacation end at the end of the final Summer month. (I consider September a Fall month even though Summer usually extends itself well into it). And so as I go from Parisian to vacationer… it seems only natural to express that metamorphosis in style. I get to shed the city clothes for a more relaxed wardrobe in which I intend to shed off the fatigue accumulated this past year. But, try as you might, you can’t remove the city girl style completely, even when on a Summer escapade with Chéri. Continue reading

Style Story – The Sweet Life in Paris


Olivia and Olivier explore the tasty treats of Paris.

A chic Parisian girl and her puppy seek out some of the sweet stuff in the City of Lights while strolling around the two city islands in the middle of the Seine. They go from ice cream, to cookies, and stop to smell the roses, and enjoy a sweet café crème before indulging in some Ladurée macarons!

[All photographs by Pictours Paris]

This project has been a while in the making… And I am finally thrilled to show you the result!

So how did this all come about you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! I had offered a prize to be raffled off for charity among a slew of other prizes, at the Paris Cupcake Camp way back last Fall. It was originally merely to be just a small fashion shoot with me and my camera. But it became a big beautiful collaborative effort between several people, and a puppy! It was such fun to come up with the shoot concept, plan it out, scout locations, bring in the talent and create something fun, frivolous and fabulously Parisian with all of these wonderful souls who helped me create this little video.


April in Paris – style

April in Paris - style

Smells like home for the holidays

I seem to be on a scent quest lately with all these perfume posts. I don’t know why, but I hope you all like it. I promise diversity will return to my blog right after the holidays!

I was thinking about all of the home scents that I love this time of year, and obviously my first idea is to share them all with you here. Perhaps it is because yesterday as I was walking up the steps of the building I could smell the fir tree that our building’s guardian put up in the entry hall, perhaps it is the delight of coming home to an apartment that smells lovely and the rapidly approaching Christmas day… But I am avid about holiday scents this time of year. I have four, yes four, diffusers just in the living room! These also are great gift idea for those of you who are not sure what to get people at the last minute! 😉

Here are my favorites, not in any particular order :

Fir Balsam by Geodesis. It smells like Christmas trees and warm Christmas cheer! They sell it in candle and spray form as well.


I am also crazy about L’Occitane’s Rameau d’Hiver scent. It too smells just like a winter Christmas tree. It brings out the nostalgia and the childhood memories.

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Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

Here are some of the trends off the runways for the Fall/Winter fashion 2012-2013 collections as selected by moi :


Designer : Anne Valérie Hash; Model : Dorothea Barth Jorgensen; Photo :

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Shopping in and around Paris

Guest post by Bonney Bailey 

Paris has to be one of the most popular shopping cities in the world. Here, high-end chic rubs shoulders with vintage fashion, making this the ultimate city to shop ’til you drop. Whether you’re spending a romantic weekend away or taking the kids to Eurodisney Paris you’ll never be far away from some first class shopping opportunities.

1. Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Dedicated to high end fashion, Avenue Montaigne is the place to shop – and be seen. This famous  street is home to fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Christian Lacroix and Bulgari. You can easily do some credit card damage here, although there’s nothing wrong with window shopping! The fashion continues along neighboring Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where you’ll find the flagship stores of Hermès, Lanvin and Lancôme. Not surprisingly, it’s also where you’ll find two of the major Parisian powerhouses – the President of France at the Élysée Palace and the headquarters of French Vogue.

2. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen flea market
There is nothing like a Parisian flea market to bring out the bargain hunter in even the most high-end fashionista. From antique jewelery to vintage perfume bottles, this is a magical place to rummage for treasures, whether to find souvenirs, gifts for someone special, or a beautiful trinket to call your own. Get in early for the crème de la crème of clothing, jewelery, art and home goods.

Les Puces Saint Ouen Flea Market by ParisSharing

3. Le Marais district
Vintage fashion has had something of a revival over the past few years. Yet, while this now seems to extend to the shiny polyester collections of second-hand stores of England, Parisian vintage fashion is on another level of style altogether. Les Marais is home to one of the greatest concentrations of vintage shops in Paris. From appointment-only costumiers to general vintage stores, a determined rummage might reveal a rare Chanel jacket or Hermès scarf. Prête-Moi Paris’ very first blog post was on one such of these vintage stores!

4. La Vallée Village
Even Disneyland Paris holidays can involve some Parisian retail therapy. (Why should the kids have all the fun?) La Vallée Village is a luxury outlet center featuring a huge collection of major designer brands at over 95 boutiques, and everything is at a reduced price. Conveniently, it’s only five minutes away from Disneyland Paris, so you can spend the day enjoying the rides with the kids and then take a little shopping spree with them afterwards. (There’s even designer children’s wear available here!) For those staying in one of the Disney hotels, there’s a dedicated shuttle service that runs straight to La Vallée Village. This shopping haven is open 7 days a week (excluding Christmas day, January 1st and May 1st) so you can easily fit your shopping trip into your Disney trip.

5. Les Galeries Lafayette
This 10-storey department store in the 9th arrondissement of Paris covers everything from bedding to bridalwear. There are some huge designer names here, from Burberry to Vivienne Westwood, but there is plenty for those whose budget won’t quite stretch to luxury brands. There is even a gourmet food and drink department with all manner of foodie indulgences, and an on site travel agent. Its huge glass dome and art deco interior makes this one of the chicest department store experiences you can have.

Another perk about this department store is the free fashion show held there on Fridays to show the different designers that the store features!

Galeries Lafayette by edmundv

As you’ll have gathered, Paris offers a diverse selection of unrivaled shopping experiences, so break out the credit cards or save up your euros, wear comfortable shoes and hydrate and feed yourselves. This is not shopping to be taken lightly!

Vintage ‘it’ bags and more

Since 1995 Monsieur Gérard Avrand and his wife Mme Valérie Michot have held this boutique that brings new life to items that no longer serve their original owners. Chanel bags, Prada, Hermès, Vuitton… I guess in this age of consumerism we can all get tired of even the finest of things and be on the search for something new. Thank goodness there are people like Mr and Mrs Avrand for those of us who aren’t always looking for the newest ‘it’ bags, but rather like to find vintage editions that are no longer sold in the mainstream marketplace.

The boutique is called the Galerie Antiquités de l’Île Saint-Louis, and the concept is that of vintage accessories being treated like antiques, items with increasing value according to their rarity and good condition. They work as a dépôt-vente (consignment) or they may also buy and resell.

Luxury shoes, handbags, scarves and silk ties, jewelry, even furniture! (the dog is not for sale) 🙂


Vintage Hermès Kelly bags, left-right : 1994, 1970s, 1995








20 rue des Deux Ponts 75004 Paris
Tel : @ :

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Hermès – Espace de luxe


IMG00025-20110217-1638, première mise en ligne par PreteMoiParis.


Hermès gave itsself last Fall a beautiful new concept-store for everything Hermès, in what used to be the luxury pool of the Lutecia palace hotel. With a stunning wood sculpted interior, a study in flower design at the entrance, a classy café and small scenes of Hermès living, this is not only a place to shop, but a relaxing atmoshpehere to discover or rediscover French luxury.

Hermès s’est offert en automne dernier un magnifique “concept-store” de tout ce qui est du monde Hermès, dans l’ancienne piscine classé monument historique de l’hôtel palace Lutecia. Avec d’étonnantes sculptures en bois qui décorent l’intérieur, une étude du design floral à l’entrée, un café classe et des petites scènes d’une vie Hermès-esque, ce n’est pas seulement un lieu pour s’acheter quelques chose, mais aussi un atmosphère où l’on peut découvrir ou re-découvrir le luxe français.

17 rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris, France

Killing 2 birds with 1 stick

I wish that canes were still in fashion.

Canes, they have such a dignified elegance to them, or at least they used to. Now-a-days they usually look cumbersome and are made out of less beautiful materials and serve a very functional purpose… And that is good, but why should canes be reserved for the elderly and the injured? Canes, used to be an accessory, for men mostly but there was a time when even women got their own stylish stick (17th century)! Word has it that Catherine de Medicis had a cane, and well, if the queen has one, then all the ladies soon soon will too.

Often with sculpted handles made out of silver or porcelain even sometimes encrusted with jewels, these were not just a mere walking sticks, they were a statement of style, class and personality, referred to as des cannes d’agrément.

Those canes used primarily for aide in walking were called les cannes orthèse. We will not dwell on those here.

Canes were also often useful places to store things, these were called les cannes à système. These I find to be the most fun! They are like a sort of gadget-cane. I think they would appeal greatly to our gadget-loving modern non?!? Some of these types of canes were made to conceal a sword inside, others had more interesting and light-hearted items concealed in them… like a “lorgnette” a type of spectacle for seeing close up, or a cigarette holder complete with lighter and ashtray. Genius! You could have also had a writer’s cane with inside a place to store ink, a feather and all of the trinkets necessary to doodle and scribble your poetic thoughts to your lady-love whom you glimpses strolling in the park. There were even farce (joke) canes with confetti, or even firecrackers! Ha! What they certainly could think of for a little fun and silliness, even in the old days.

But there is one particular cane that caught my intention and inspired this post… I saw it on the Hermès website… a canne-ombrelle. A n umbrella-cane. From the collection of interesting things from the past of Emile Hermès, commes this stunning object that is embellished with a pommeau (handle) “Opéra” style, made from Meissen porcelain, and pheasant feathers., with a silk interior, used to protect it’s carrier from the sun… Most likely used by a woman, during a hunting session that she probably joined in (as an accessory I am sure, not necessarily to actually hunt), this cane may have given her a slight cross-dresser’s attitude of sorts… I bet she smoked thin cigars, knew how to shoot a gun (but didn’t do it to kill animals, and probably like to ride without the lady’s side-saddle too… La classe!






So now if your next accessory is going to be a cane, you might be wondering where to find one? I found one on Ebay, for 180 euros… with a swan-carved handle and a lace exterior, très joli, but the seller did not indicate from when this one dates :

On ebay

There is also an intriguing boutique in the Passage Jourffroy in the 9th that sells all sorts of curious canes, and objects. It reminds me of a place you might find described in a Balzac novel… but they’ve only been there since 1975. Nonetheless, it looks authentic and charming.

M. G. Segas

There is also an antiquaire that I saw in the Louvre des Antiquaires, that also deals in antique canes and such… I wonder what kind of client address book he has…


Laurence Jantzen

A true cane historian, check out his website for a full briefing on the illusrtious history of this wonderful accessory.

Although I am an enthusiast about the cane as an accessory even in our modern culture, I am not very hopeful that it will catch on very much… In the not too distant past, Dali was know to strut around with one, but then he also had a pet ant-eater too, didn’t her??? It seems only Goths, Romantic nostalgics and people in costume usually carry them these days. Oh well, a girl can dream…