Seductive birthday celebration

At the beginning of March is my fiancé’s birthday. March can be a humdrum time of the year, so it’s always great to have his birthday to break up the rainy Paris winter blues. This year I wanted to do something a little different than the usual gathering of friends at our place or at a bar. Besides, Chéri was turning the all-important…33 years old. It is apparently a year of great change and evolution in many people’s lives. Some call it the “Jesus year”.

In order to ring in his 33rd year with a spark, I needed inspiration. I got some, quite by accident one evening when I went to with my friend Kasia to a wine tasting at a boutique hôtel just around the corner from where I work. The hôtel du Ministère is full of contemporary charm and is a quiet haven for a cozy glass of wine, or…a 4 star hotel room tucked away on this quiet street of the 8th. And that is just what I got! I was the lucky winner of the raffle held at the wine tasting. The prize : a night in the hotel! I immediately thought it was perfect for Chéri’s birthday. Continue reading

Setting the romantic scene in Paris

Valentines day is coming up… and although many of the French still pooh-pooh this Hallmark holiday, it is catching on for quite a few of them. Restaurants, bars, hotels and other services will are starting to offer special Valentines day deals (and generally jack up the price). Last year Chéri and I had a little dinner out at the restaurant where we went on our first date (right next to the Opéra de Paris, my favorite monument of Paris). There was no Valentines day special there that night, and that was just fine with us, since it was like we had a little romantic secret that the rest of the other people there dining did not. Of course this is most likely untrue…but that’s how it felt at our window corner seat table for two with the glowing Opera house smiling back at us. And that is how I feel Valentines should be. A feeling of shared complicity with your loved one… A secret display of affection… as opposed to a giant over-the-top public publication of desire or love (which although if tastefully done is not completely out of the question!) So… I have found just the thing for all of you to do in Paris to help celebrate intimately your feelings with your chéri : Continue reading