My picks from NYFW

NYFW… I don’t go as there is no metro line that would take me from the center of Paris to NYC, but like so many others, I like to watch it from the comfort of my laptop computer.
Here are some of my top picks from the week of fashion and frocks in the Big cold Apple city.

Thakoon… if nothing more than the shoes, I am a huge fan ( but these are shoes by Vicente Rey! I LOVE HIS SHOES!!! ). The rest of the outfit would be fun weekend wear. But did I mention the shoes?!?!

Thakoon : Image from by Kim Weston Arnold (Vicente Rey Shoes)

Thakoon : Image from by Kim Weston Arnold (Vicente Rey Shoes)

Rebecca Minkoff… I like the fun playfulness of pastels in winter on this look, although most of the collection does not resemble this silhouette..


Rebecca Minkoff : Image from STYLEcom by Yannis Vlamos

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Monsieur in the Pink

If you know Prête-Moi Paris,then you know we love pink!

Parisian gentlemen and pink, definitely go together.

I’m all for the dashing intelligent man with a chiseled jaw, in a rose hue and a good cologne. It’s the juxtaposition of a five-o’clock shadow and a light delicate color such a rose pale that really brings out the contrasting mâle and his softer side. A perfect blend of which, most women love. N’est-ce pas?!?

Annick Goutal has a new scent for men that I am dying to have Chéri try… Eau de Monsieur. It just sounds dashing and chic! I’m already convinced that it’s the epitome of Parisian male elegance.

Would you like to see YOUR chéri wearing pink? Does he already?!? Send me a picture of your chéri dressing in something pink… I’ll post them here below.

*Bisous de Paris…chéris!*

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