A Tale of Two Restaurants

Post by Frank Cierpial

Frank Cierpial

There exists a condition that I have read a lot of articles on, it is not a fatal condition, but it is fatal to one’s idealistic and unrealistic views about Paris. Most people, who come here, come here with a lot of preconceived notions about what they will find once they get to The City of Lights. As they walk through the cobblestone streets and glance at the beautiful roman architecture, they stumble upon a Starbucks with a line out the door. They don’t really think much about it and they move on, then they stumble upon the infamous McDonalds that sits in the Louvre that I have yet to see, and they start to feel the first impact of their crushed dreams. Then, they stumble upon American Restaurants with American people working there and that is it, Paris has gone from being the most beautiful city in the world to being the city lacking authentic charm.
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