Oui love Paris!

I just wanted to post a quick little “billet” as we say in French, to share and spread the amour. 🙂 My fellow blogger Nathalie of The Parisienne was featered the other day in L’Express Styles and she was so generous to reference Prête-Moi Paris as one of her go-to blogs of Paris. I felt honored to be mentioned amongst just a few others, while there are so very many wonderful bloggers out there that love to pay hommage to this city that we love so much.

I love when people love Paris without hesitation. (This doesn’t mean they must love everything, because loving Paris also means accepting her with her unpleasant sides too even if we complain about them).

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Pause Paris

There is the ‘pause café’…  ‘pause clope’ … ‘pause sanwich’ … ‘pause pipi’ … and perhaps a myriad of other reasons to take a small break ‘pause’ that the French have turned into a miniature event during the day, or almost.

In addition to all of these little breaks and pauses, I would like to instigate the ‘pause Paris’. A small moment where we stop and marvel at this incredibly beautiful city in which we live. This could be done daily, or even several times a day!

These small moments happen to me randomly, and sometimes I have my camera handy, and try to document them. These little pauses leave me feeling lucky, as lucky as I did on the day I landed here. This city has a way of causing me to catch my breath and say “wow”…

Here are a few of those efforts that I have managed to capture :