Commuun – AWW1112 Paris Fashion Week


Set to music by Koji Miyakawa, the Commuun show started out with a “white is white” (production)  virginal palette and moved progressively towards an almost rainbow status, with a concentration on volumes and shapes displayed by ample ruffling mostly around the bust. The collection also goes from an almost sports-wear style to a fluffy-girlie style, yet retains a seriousness with it’s bold colors and geometric lines. Mixed texture pieces seem to be a common theme for next Fall from more than one designer, as we see in the fabric striping here as well with sheer and fur.
The Commuun garments look, as always, easy and breezy to wear, as if they are as light as air, as if they are almost not there. A little too light for winter-wear perhaps, but the two designers whom I met at their after party at the Fidelity in the 10th, explained to me that they went back to their roots, to the original inspirations for this collection (which differs so much from last winter’s collection that had a more African desert theme).

The short dresses with bust ruffles and the white hooded 3/4 sleeved jacket will be sure to be coveted.
















Commuun pas commun – Uncommon Commuun

Off to a late start, but with a bang (music by Koji Miyakawa) that made a security guard jump (literally!) the Commuun show in the 8th arrondissement yesterday in Paris, these Japanese designers opted for an African Fall/Winter 2010-2011.

Dubbed “African Landscape” all the dark skinned models were made up by Kazunori Miyasaka (with Shiseido) and were given goddess-like golden foreheads. They looked like they were stepping out from under the warm African sky and down the white marble steps of the Palais de la Decouverte.

The pieces all had the Commuun cuts and angle-work that make their mark distinguishable, but with bolder colors and a slightly wider range of textiles. Always natural fabrics, the flowing silks were there of course, but there was also a touch of soft woven wools and a (faux?) fur piece that begged to be touched.

What is wonderful about Commuun, is that the clothing is of a tangible design, that not only wears beautifully but it looks like it feels good on the skin and is best of all ecologically friendly. Bravo Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate!