Own (a piece of) the Eiffel Tower

Korbella box Paul Bedell of Korbella™ contacted me, and with one single sentence he had my full attention : “From our pieces of Paris to yours”. These are my pieces of Paris… but… What are his?

Small, wonderful, almost magical little “jewels” cut from an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower, and integrated into stylish and elegant pieces of fashion jewelry in sterling silver, vermeil (gold plated silver) or rhodium. Paul wanted to generously offer me a piece for review, because he felt that his jewelry line and concept fit perfectly with my site. He couldn’t have been more right.

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Bling and cupcakes

What better combo is there than fun and pretty things to wear and cupcakes? Ok, I COULD think of a few other combinations that are even more fabulous, but this one is up in the top ten list! Mlle Olivia Cummings of Cleopatra’s Bling hosted a private sale recently at the Sugar Daze cupcake shop in the 9th.

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Quinntessences & LH Designs

Missing You In Paris from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.

As a Paris expat blogger, I am always happy to  let you all know about my other fellow expat friends and bloggers. I am thrilled to present you with two fabulous ladies today!

Quinn Connors as the model and stylist of the mini style story above, and  jewelry designer Leonor Heleno of Leonor Heleno Jewelry Designs.
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Vintage ‘it’ bags and more

Since 1995 Monsieur Gérard Avrand and his wife Mme Valérie Michot have held this boutique that brings new life to items that no longer serve their original owners. Chanel bags, Prada, Hermès, Vuitton… I guess in this age of consumerism we can all get tired of even the finest of things and be on the search for something new. Thank goodness there are people like Mr and Mrs Avrand for those of us who aren’t always looking for the newest ‘it’ bags, but rather like to find vintage editions that are no longer sold in the mainstream marketplace.

The boutique is called the Galerie Antiquités de l’Île Saint-Louis, and the concept is that of vintage accessories being treated like antiques, items with increasing value according to their rarity and good condition. They work as a dépôt-vente (consignment) or they may also buy and resell.

Luxury shoes, handbags, scarves and silk ties, jewelry, even furniture! (the dog is not for sale) 🙂


Vintage Hermès Kelly bags, left-right : 1994, 1970s, 1995








20 rue des Deux Ponts 75004 Paris
Tel : @ : isl.antiquites@wanadoo.fr

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Guest Fashion Post for Innamorato and Merci Merci

Introducing three new bloggers to the Paris fashion scene: Amy Newman, Lauren Trani, and Dina Chipiga. After sharing our obsession with Paris Fashion Week with Melissa, we were lucky enough to be invited to two presentations that she was unable to attend herself! We’ve decided to share our interpretations of the designs with you all, from the perspectives of three wide-eyed fashionistas in Paris.

The first presentation that we got ot go to was a display of Innamorato’s Fall/Winter 2011 line. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but it almost felt like walking into a scene from the Devil Wears Prada! We loved all of the neutral colors accented with royal blues and some gold shimmer.

There also seemed to be a chic 50’s vibe throughout the collection. The use of belts and draping in different pieces really added to the feminine silhouettes emphasized in the collection.

After talking to the PR rep, we learned that Innamorato’s pieces were sold at our next stop – Merci Merci Bijoux!

Merci Merci Bijoux is a hidden treasure for department store lovers. In a private room tucked away in the back of the store, a vast assortment of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and so much more was on display. Small-scale French designers, taking inspiration from all over the world, each showed a few pieces representative of their summer 2011 collections. Merci Bijoux also displayed their own collection where simplicity was an obvious theme. Delicate charms were everywhere!

Lauren was drawn to the floral fabrics in Merci’s bracelets, while Amy was attracted to Aurélie Bidermann’s statement pieces. The Bidermann line had a lot of bright colors and rope.

The piece that struck us the most was this gorgeous mask necklace:

We could definitely imagine a Parisian girl rocking this look!

We are so grateful for this amazing opportunity, and these experiences are only the beginning of our Paris fashion love affair.

La perle rare – A true gem

Well aware of the title of my blog, and, oui, it IS my intention to offer my dear readers insight in my beloved Paris, but occasionally I come across a true gem, and am compelled to tell you about it.

We are in France, in the Roussillon region, where there is sun, beach and the Pyrenees mountains. The perfect setting for a weekend getaway and a jewelry purchase.

Carlos Zavala, bijoutier createur, has creations that you will find now where else. I stumbled upon his work while strolling through beach town, Collioure this weekend.

He works with gems, silver and gold, sometimes mixing all three in one single piece like this one.

Working out of a large sea-side atelier boutique, he and his companion (the lucky lady who gets to were any piece she wants every day!) create and sell these sparklers hot off the iron. He can even resize items on-the-spot in fifteen minutes, since he creates all of his pieces right there as well.

The impressive collection, sometimes has a Lord of the Rings, feel to it, and sometimes a light and airy luxury look. The rings caught my eye, but he makes everything, bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. You could even go to him with an idea and have him create a special unique piece, although most of the collection boasts unique pieces, so you will feel special knowing you are the only person in the world to have the particular item you chose! His prices are quite decent, and his attitude sweet.

Before transplanting to Collioure in April, they were in Villefranche de Conflent, but hope to stay by the sea for a long time. When in town, stop by their boutique, browse and say Bonjour for me!

Rue Jules Ferry (in front of the school) 66190 Collioure
Tel : 06-23-32-77-57 or 06-61-43-25-56
zavalacarlosamatista@yahoo.frAll photos but the top one, are by Carlos Zavala