Pretty Paris Pictures : Night Lights

I have been braving the cold and dreary weather lately, with my camera in tow, trying to capture some of those beautiful moments that flicker across my life in this amazing city… And if course I do all that so I can share it with you! Sometimes I end up walking waaaay farther than I originally intend to, all for the sake of getting more great shots. Some of my night shots come out rather yellowish, I wonder if it’s the lights here, or is it my camera? I don’t do any image altering or filtering on my pictures that I post here. I would, if I had the time, but I am just to busy to bother. So I end up taking quite a handful of clichés for each frame, in order to get the perfect picture that won’t need modifications.

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Pretty Paris Pictures – Reflections

Rooftop Window January always begins with new resolutions, or renewed goals, for many. I am not always keen on making resolutions, but I do like to reflect on the year that has passed, and the year that has just begun. I like to imagine my plans and goals, and visualize myself meeting them.

This brought me to thinking about illustrating that process of thought… And what better way than with my trusty camera and my muse : Paris.


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Liquid Louvre

Chimney Tops in the Window

Wall Reflector

Car Window Reflection

Tourist Reflection

Ministry Reflections

Window Reflections

Louvre Reflection

THAT Lou – Museum Treasure Hunt

I have been dying to write about THAT Lou for some time now, but I wanted to do so with the voice of experience. Alas, time and scheduling constraints have kept me from joining one of her acclaimed treasure hunt tours thus far. But the idea is SO COOL! Imagine visiting a museum and having fun! So here is Daisy’s oeuvre in all it’s press release glory! I will get on one of her hunts one of these days…I promise! In the meantime I urge you to play the THAT Lou game on your next trip to Paris or on your next rainy day off! It’s a great idea for groups of friends and or family, student groups or even employee groups working on team building. Continue reading

L’Amour menaçant

♥ L’Amour menaçant… de Falconet ♥

This sculpture was made by Etienne-Maurice Falconet, in 1757, a marble sculpture of the god of love, of which there are two other copies, one in Saint Petersburg, and another at the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands. This statue was conceived for the Marquise de Pompadour for her garden. Garden of loooove?!?

I love the life that Falconet has sculpted into this little child-sized body, and the perfect proportions that he has given it. It’s marble, but when I look at it, I can almost see it come alive with warm flesh and soft tussled hair and feathery wings… I visit this statue every time I go to the Louvre museum. ♥

Amour, the god of love, as a child, is motioning for silence as he delicately picks an arrow out of his sheath, in order to shoot it at someone, and thus make them fall in ♥ love… Isn’t he sweet! ♥


At the Louvre inn the French sculptures hall.

Did you know that every Friday after 6pm, the Louvre gives free entry to all persons aged 25 and under?!?


Winter lights

It’s all about the lighting…whether it’s in a restaurant, on a stage, a romantic evening by the fireside, in a dance club, on a photo shoot… What makes it or breaks it is the glow that comes from whatever is illuminating the scene. The lighting in Paris sometimes has that catch-your-breath glimmer, sometimes a smoky pink, sometimes a warm golden hue… sometimes a silvery gray sparkle, and other times it’s a bright and crisp blue shine… but then sometimes you get a combination of all of these…


This is just one of the magical things about this city… and it’s not for nothing that they call it the city of lights. Paris shines so bright, glows so softly and twinkles to your utmost delight!