Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Waiting to Inhale

Another volume in the series of finding the “most” romantic spot in Paris… I have drawn upon my own experiences and those shared with me, to explore the idea of what might be considered the most romantic spot in Paris. There are romantic places to stroll in the scenery of this beautiful city…. there are places to dine and tempt ourselves with taste. There are the ever sensual arts. And there are also places to ignite the other senses of and thus the heart strings, like listening to some sultry jazz notes… Romance is also just under your nose!
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L’Amour (or less) by Jennyphoria


One of my fellow Paris expat bloggers, has made a few serendipitous rencontres, and come up with a pretty fantastic idea, about love in Paris no less. Yes! Jennifer Geraghty is a screen writer and actress who took the precarious plunge two years ago to try to make it in the city of love and light. After much hard work and a huge bundle of her contagious sense of humor, she has launched her project. This lady is determined (just read her posts about getting through the ominous French administrative system in order to stay here), but she is also determined to succeed. And I think she is just about to…

From Jennyphoria

She has a series of shows already written, and shot, all on the subject of love and dating in Paris. Want to know how to snag a Frenchman? Want to know the secrets to dating the French? Want to know what all the mystery is about?!? Well read on…

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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Artistically Ardent

Now an on-going series exploring the “most romantic” spots in Paris, I have written on the romance in the open air along the water in the City of Lights, as well as romantic dining

Now poses the question of what is the most romantic cultural experience in this beautiful city. Freedom of space as well as delightful things to taste can ignite romantic feelings, well, art also inspires emotion. So there is most definitely room for romance among the various and numerous museums in Paris.

On the top of that list I would place the Musée Rodin.
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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Tempting by Taste

In continuing with my first post of musings upon the most romantic place in Paris… I assume that many people equate romance with dining, dating and the ritual of eating together as a delightful delectable experience.
One of my favorite places to eat out for either breakfast or dessert is chez Ladurée. Nothing says “Paris romance” like a sultry pile of sweet things to eat or at least oggle. Because romance is in fact fueled by a temptation of desires, n’est-ce pas?!? So tasting something delicious is sort of a prelude to those delicious feelings that one feels with a person who ignites our desire.

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Real life Paris engagement shoot : Bethany and James

♥ Please be patient while the photos load… ♥

I met Bethany a couple of years ago. She was a student under my care when I worked in study-abroad, and we remained in contact after her session here in Paris. We have shared our life news since, and I was so happy to learn several weeks ago that she was engaged, and even more thrilled to know that she would be visiting Paris and was hoping to do an engagement photo-shoot. She wanted to know if I knew anyone available on short notice…I did, myself! Eager to try something I haven’t done before, and also happy to do something beautiful and creative for someone I care about I asked her if she would allow me to take their engagement photos. She was more than happy to let me have the opportunity. So on the scheduled day of the shoot I met them at the Alexander III bridge where we did a series of shots, and then headed over to the Grand and Petit Palais, followed by a quick pass by rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and then to Ladurée for breakfast on rue Royal. They were relaxed and care-free about the whole thing, the perfect couple to photograph. Being that it was my first every engagement photo-shoot, I was unsure if I would be able to direct my subjects well. After the first few clicks of my camera I was not worried. Not only were Bethany and James super photogenic, but they were happy to oblige in any direction I gave them.

James is a shoe designer and comes from a family of artisans that restore old Ford Model T cars… and man this guy is organized! When he decided to propose to his chérie he planned it all to a T! 😉 He got their friends involved, and managed to pull of the most unexpected, most romantic moment full of surprise and delight to a bewildered Bethany who had no idea what was coming.

The bride-to-be is a product manager for Keds. Both of these two lovebirds work in the shoe industry. So in addition to being best friends and life partners, they both have their feet pointed in the same direction. So as to saying goes : if the shoe fits… And these two certainly fit!

They are a couple of accomplices in life and have tons of obvious compatibility together, all you have to do is look at the two of them to see that they were meant to be! I wish them a long and joyful life together…

♥ Love rules!!! ♥

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