Fashion Photo Shoot in Paris

Girls fashion photo shoot in Paris

I was strolling by the Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro the other day, and saw this lovely little group of young American women, all primped up and ready for their photo shoot in Paris. I couldn’t resist, and asked their permission to take a few shots. After annoying them for a couple minutes as I snapped a few images, I left a card with one of them, and tossed a cheery thank you as I sauntered off. I hope they had a delightful time being immortalized in their fashionable best in front of the iron lady. Continue reading

Sweet Spring Fashion Inspiration


April in Paris


Is it Spring yet?!?

Is it Spring yet?!?

Spring keeps teasing us here in Paris. We’ll get a really brilliant sunny day in between several cold and gray ones. It’s almost like you can hear a communal “Aaaaaaah!” throughout Pairs when the random gorgeous day glitters down upon us. and then a disappointed chorus of “Boooooo.” when we wake up the next day and see the drizzle or feel the chill. It was a couple Sundays ago, I think we all returned to work on Monday with a light pinkish hue on our fresh faces. Just about all of Paris was out lounging along the river banks of the Seine. I even ran into Sylvia of Finding Noon.

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Hexa by Kuho – Paris Fashion Week

Another fashion week whizzed by before I had time to catch my breath.

I didn’t have the time or energy to get to a lot of shows this season, but I did get to see Hexa by Kuho again, and snagged an interview with the designer afterwards, thanks to my friend Ko Kok who is an all-things-camera man (photography, video etc…).

Highlights from the show were : Continue reading

Moon Young Hee #PFW Spring 2012

Moon Young Hee’s show was set in a bright white well lit space on the edgeof the Marais in Paris.

Straight lines with some asymetrics going on, black white and play on volumes as well as a few interesting pieces with lace and beading, and organza accents in bright hues mark this collection for next Spring. The models walked slowly, nonchalantly, in derby Repetto like flats (perhaps they were Repettos but no press was handed out with the seats in oder to verify). But honestly, I think many of these pieces would look great paired with heels. Especially since there is a streak of long lines running through this collection.

I love the deep V neck line, and that black lace skirt is just gorgeous. Makeup and hair evoked a lovely and sweet Spring ideal… Hmmm, ideas for my June wedding?!? There were also a few ruffles pieces with enough volume to invite you to dive in, much like a cream pie, and it contrast a bit from much of the collection, but then if you compare it to the billowed hip sillhouette, it’s not so out of place.

Here are some of my photos of my top picks of the show.











Friday en Français : Boutique éphémère, Fashion qui dure

Le concept : traduire un ancien billet et français, déjà pour pratiquer mon français à l’écrit mais aussi pour faire un geste envers mes lecteurs et lectrices francophones! N’hésitez pas à me corriger mon français.

The concept : translate an old post into French, first in order to practice my written French, but also to be a bit more welcoming to my francophone readers! Don’t hesitate to correct my French.

Read original post in English here

(Original post published the 15th of September 2010 / Billet d’origine publié le 15 septembre 2010 )

éphémère – Ce qui ne dure pas longtemps…

Au centre du quartier Châtelet à Paris, il y a une petite boutique de “trésors”… C’est comme le centre crémeux d’un beignet frais, ou le ganache au centre d’un macaron (mais par les macarons de MacDo, ceci est l’équivalent mode d’un macaron-délicat-fait-maison).

C’est aussi un lieu où il faut retourner souvent, car les choix changent d’une manière constante. Haut Les Arts Boutique des Créateurs est une boutique qui est tenue par une collective, un groupe d’artiste et créateurs. chaque semaine certains enlèvent leurs créations, certains restent un peu plus et de nouveaux arrivent. Et il y a quelque chose pour chaque style et chaque budget.

Vérifier le site pour savoir quels créateurs exposent en ce moment.

Tous les jours:  11h // 20h

1 Rue Ste Opportune,

75001 à Paris

Châtelet – RER Les Halles (sortie n°6 Sainte Opportune)

Souvent vous pouvez trouver :

Des slips style garçon, mais pour des filles de Pon Pon, par créatrice Leatitia Guillet.

(photo de Pon Pon’s website)

Aussi de Pon Pon des petit porte-monnaie mignon, et des boucles d’oreilles, faits avec des fermetures éclaire.


des chapeaux et des accessoires pour son coiff’ son revenus à la mode. La créatrice/modiste Laurence Le Clerc te couvrira la tête.

Voici quelques-unes de ses créations (photos de son siteweb photos de Davoud Ohadi)

Soudain je me trouve mal coiffée!


Savez-vous que le charbon qui vien du bois a des éléments bénéfiques, et que son utilisation est une vieille tradition japonaise?

Lorène Hayat et Hirohiko Kamiya créent des bijoux à partir de cet élément qui vient des arbres de chêne Holm provenant de la forêt protégée dans la région de Kishu au Japon. La combustion et le traitement du bois est très particulier et doit être fait par des ouvriers très doués. Le substance qui en résulte a un structure poreux. Il absorbe de l’humidité et des odeurs ainsi que d’autres toxicités dans l’air et dans l’eau.  C’est un produit naturellement anti-termite quand on le place sous les planches du sol. Et l’on croit aussi qu’il absorbe des ondes électromagnétiques provenant de nos appareils électriques, et il pourrait aussi éliminer du CO2 et contient des propriétés infra-rouge qui améliore la circulation sanguine. Trouver  Charcoal Eskimeit dans la boutique ou en-ligne.


Et le dernier mais pas le moindre : une partie du concept de la mode est la beauté et le bien-être, et Les Secrets de Loly comprend cela d’autant plus qu’elle comprend le besoin pour des produits de qualité, naturels qui sont fait en respect de la nature. (Les photos viennent de son site web où vous pouvez acheter ses produits si vous ne pouvez pas vous déplacer au magasin)/


Bon shopping chers amis!

Parapluies for you and me!


Chantal Voisin-Simon is the 3rd generation of Simons to run their boutique on the boulevard Saint Michel, and she’s been doing so since 1958, so she’s seen a few events go down for sure!


Chantal Voisin-Simon with one of her hand-made parasols

Almost 9 years ago I purchased an umbrella there, and have always marveled at the fact that this boutique remains, while everything else around it seems to change.

Her grandfather, Mr. Simon opened up shop over 100 years ago back in 1897. He had the whole corner of the street back then and dedicated it to what we now refer to as “accessesoires de mode” but back then they had a much more delightful term : “frivolités”. But the space proved to be too large and had to be parcelled off and sales space for the “frivolités” was greatly sized down. A café was put in on the corner and there used to be a butcher where there is now a place to get eyewear.



Chantal remembers in 1968 when the student protests were happening, how the windows of the butcher shop were broken and the pyramide of canned peas served as amunition for rebellious youngsters in those famous protests.

The boutique Simon sells “créateurs” umbrellas, some from Chantal Thomass, some from Jean Paul Gaultier, but 95% of their wares come from small altelier-workshops that have small productions. Chantal likes working with these small productions for the care and detailed attention they put into their work, trying to inovate in colors and designs every year. But there are a small amount of Simon-made umbrellas that are made by the house, stunning handmade pieces that are pure luxury.


Hnad-made Simon parapluie

But not only are the umbrellas charming, the shop is also as lovely as a picture, like a giant jewel box of sorts, for umbrellas. The boutique was used as a model in fact for the movie, Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.

The fourth generation of Simons is currently preparing to take of the running of the store, Chantal informed me proudly. Her son. I wish them many generations to come of parasols, parapluies and ombrelle sales to keep us all fashionable and happy in anyweather indeed.



Parapluies Simon
56 boulevard Saint Michel
75006 Paris

Tel : 0143541204


Paris Fashion Week – Feet style!

Half the fun at fashion week is checking out the other people who attend fashion week! Check my post on it here. But even better than their ensemble is their footwear (at least for a shoe-crazed person like me)! Here’s my take on fashion week feet style!

She's staying at the Crillon and doesn't have far to walk, that's why she can pull these Pradas off!


I call these, the busy blogger shoes! Comfy, classic and fun!


Chanel, what else?


This boy's got nouveau-grunge style down.


She's gonna need a foot massage at the end of the day!


In the mood for spring!


She's got a little 'spring' in her step!


My-my-my-my dancin' shoes!


And ah one, two, three, four...


Taking retro to the next level.


Classic tan and tassle fancies!


I bet she goes from one fashion show to the next on her kickass Harley!


Silver (tights) and gold (shoes).


Barbara Bui, she's got a better grip on the silver and gold thing.


Pop it with red tights and voilà! You have style.


Just try hiking in those... I dare ya!


Great shoes, but even better...


... are the stockings!


Are we still matching our purse with our shoes? I can't remember.


Dangerously sexy.


There are several personalities here all battling for attention.


The boy blogger, he gets to be soooo chic and soooo comfortable, it's just not fair!


Dressing up the jeans.


Nothing beats a red suede spike heel boot!

Commuun – AWW1112 Paris Fashion Week


Set to music by Koji Miyakawa, the Commuun show started out with a “white is white” (production)  virginal palette and moved progressively towards an almost rainbow status, with a concentration on volumes and shapes displayed by ample ruffling mostly around the bust. The collection also goes from an almost sports-wear style to a fluffy-girlie style, yet retains a seriousness with it’s bold colors and geometric lines. Mixed texture pieces seem to be a common theme for next Fall from more than one designer, as we see in the fabric striping here as well with sheer and fur.
The Commuun garments look, as always, easy and breezy to wear, as if they are as light as air, as if they are almost not there. A little too light for winter-wear perhaps, but the two designers whom I met at their after party at the Fidelity in the 10th, explained to me that they went back to their roots, to the original inspirations for this collection (which differs so much from last winter’s collection that had a more African desert theme).

The short dresses with bust ruffles and the white hooded 3/4 sleeved jacket will be sure to be coveted.
















Limi Feu – Paris fashion Week AW1112

I was skeptical at first when the first few pieces came out on the the runway at Limi Feu on Wednesday March 2nd at Paris Fashion week. The floral prints on soft fabrics made me thing of pajamas, not prêt-à-porter… a little Scottish music accompanied the start of the show…and then I feared kilts…

But the mood changed and took on an air of androgynous appeal in blacks and whites with a high concentration of draping, capes, playing with volumes, asymmetrical cutting and  split pieces.



And then there was one piece that I gasped : “Oh I would so wear THAT!” This one :


One of the most spectacular pieces of the show was this skirt with pleat-work and a mastering of the asymmetrical line. I love the jauntiness it gives to the gait as the model sashayed down the catwalk :


Here are couple examples of the splicing that came out nice, but I don’t know how practical that is for winter wear :



This skirt is gorgeous and adds that mermaid curve to the sillouette, but the top could do without the ruffle-poof at the mid-drift :

I greatly appreciate her subdued take on the knee-length felt-wool trench. Just how I like it. Classic.

Limi Feu Winter 2011-2012 prête-à-porter collection was shown on March 2nd 2011 in the Beaubourg neighborhood of Paris.