NYFW Erin Barr SS13

Post by Frank Cierpial

Erin Barr SS13

I was in Florence, Italy studying fashion this past summer. One day, my professor took us to the Salvatore Ferragammo Museum. The Ferragammo museum was showing a Marilyn Monroe exhibit featuring all of the dresses that she wore, including the dress that Madonna copied for her video “Material Girl”. As I walked through at looked at all of these elegant dresses, I asked my friend, “Why don’t people dress like this anymore?” Then, I came back to New York and got invited to the Erin Barr show. The Erin Barr show meant a lot to me, because it was my first fashion show, and reminded me why I love fashion so much. Trust me, in the fashion industry, you need all the reminders you can get. The makeup was done by Gordon Espinet and the M.A.C. Pro Team. The Hair was done by Jordan M. Smith, and Bumble &Bumble. The stylist was Nathan Qualley. And, the Shoes were provided by Micheal Antonio. But, the clothing was the best part. I fell in love with Erin Barr’s creative style from the moment I stepped into the presentation room. Continue reading